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Waste Management Strategic Plan

The Waste Management Strategic Plan provides a framework to ensure waste is managed in a  sustainable manner within Ipswich. With the population within Ipswich expected to double in the next twenty years a strategic plan is required for the management of waste which shifts the perception of waste from an unwanted commodity to one of a valuable resource. It is not sustainable for future waste generation to simply increase in line with population growth.

To this end the following Vision has been set for this Waste Management Strategic Plan:

By 2020 all residents and businesses within Ipswich will make optimum use of our natural resources by minimising the generation of waste and treating any waste produced as a resource rather than a problem.

The key strategies to achieve the vision focus on waste minimisation (waste avoidance, recovery and re-use), resource recovery technologies and solutions.

View the Waste Management Strategic Plan (PDF, 273 kb)

Although this plan is dated 2010-2015, it will remain current until a new plan is uploaded.

The Ipswich community will have a crucial role in assisting to achieve this vision by individually minimising waste generation and making full use of available resource recovery services. There are many avenues for the community to reduce the amount of waste they send to landfill each week from the effective use of their fortnightly kerbside recycling, reducing the purchase of food that gets wasted to home composting and donating good quality goods to charities. The community can also play an advocacy role through their purchasing decisions to encourage manufacturers and suppliers to consider the environmental impacts of their goods and services and reduce unnecessary non recoverable packaging. Consumers need to demand less waste from their purchases throughout the whole lifecycle of their purchase from packaging through to final disposal or resource recovery.