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Ipswich 2020 and Beyond

Circle-of-childrenIpswich City Council is ready to lead its community into the future. The aim of this project was to devise a roadmap for the future of Ipswich.  Ipswich 2020 and Beyond will:

  • Provided a forum for community, business and government representatives to discuss the Vision for the City in 2020 and beyond
  • Identify and develop partnerships with business, the community, our non-government sector and the stakeholders from other government agencies
  • Suggested actions which provide a guide for the growth of Ipswich, Council's corporate planning, and the strategic planning of other major stakeholder organizations
  • Inspire confidence across various sectors of the community as well as those considering investing in Ipswich.

There are four key questions which were asked as part of Ipswich 2020 and Beyond.

  • Where are we?- what is the current profile of the City and what are the community's values?
  • Where are we going?- what trends will occur if we do not prepare for the anticipated population growth?
  • Where do we want to be?- what is our vision for the future?
  • How do we get there?- what actions do we need to undertake to achieve our vision?

Ipswich 2020 and Beyond is our opportunity to shape how Ipswich will respond to the challenges that lay ahead.


What is Ipswich 2020 and Beyond?

This project has defined a Vision for Ipswich in the year 2020 and beyond and outlined the activities that need to be undertaken over the next two decades by Council, the community and other key stakeholders to see the vision achieved.  This is the first plan of this kind for Ipswich and will place Ipswich in a strong position to address the future challenges to be faced by the City.


Why prepare Ipswich 2020 and Beyond?

The population of Ipswich is anticipated to grow by an additional 180 000 people by 2026. Ipswich 2020 and Beyond is an opportunity to identify and build the kind of city we want, knowing Ipswich and our region are changing at an ever increasing rate. This project will assist in informing the State Government, investors, property developers, and the incoming population what the community's expectations are in terms of the investments required, the type of housing and urban form being sort, and the values held within the community that we wish to protect and enhance.


Why is Council leading this project?

Ipswich City Council has embraced the challenge of planning for the next 20 years and the leadership this requires.  However, it is intended that Ipswich 2020 and Beyond be embraced by the community. Council has recognised the importance of planning with the community and has dedicated the time and resources necessary to ensure that a vision for Ipswich is clearly articulated. A good range of stakeholders were involved in the preparation and implementation of the plan.  This is not the first nor the last plan to be prepared in Ipswich but it is the first Vision.


How can the community get involved?

Ipswich 2020 and Beyond was completed in November 2005. During 2005 the community and other key stakeholders had a range of opportunities to participate and provide feedback in community workshops, on the internet, and through letters to Council.


How will the Vision affect me?

In late 2005 Council released Ipswich 2020 and Beyond to the public and key stakeholders.  It can then be used for a range of purposes such as supporting material for funding requests and project proposals, marketing Ipswich City, demonstrate to State and Federal governments the expectations of the Ipswich community.

The Vision and Action Plan Framework will be a used by the community, Council and other key stakeholders such as State Government, potential investors, local businesses, community groups, developers, as a guide for how to conduct their respective activities in the community.

Ipswich 2020 and Beyond clearly articulates the expectations of existing residents and what it means to be a part of Ipswich.


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