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About Division 7

Key Highlights

  • At the 2011 Census, Division 7 had a population of 14,655 representing 8.7% of the total Ipswich population.
  • Average age of Division 7 residents was 35 years.
  • Average household size (occupancy rate) for Division 7 was 2.3 persons.
  • Average weekly individual income for Division 7 was $499.
  • Average weekly household income for Division 7 was $1,063.
  • Residents from the top two English speaking countries were from the United
    Kingdom and New Zealand and those from non-English speaking countries were from India and the Philippines.
  • The top four industry sectors where residents predominantly worked included health & community services, manufacturing, retail and public administration and safety. 

Division 7 MapDivision-7

Source: 2011 Census of Population and Housing (ABS)

Division 7 Snapshot 2011 Division 7 Snapshot 2011 (PDF, 1.7 mb) 

Source: 2006 Census of Population and Housing (ABS)

Division 7 Snapshot 2006 Division 7 Snapshot 2006 (PDF, 514 kb)

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