Ipswich City Council

Media Release

Two river parks re-open following floods

7 April 2011

Two of the city's major river parks damaged in the January floods have re-opened to the public for passive use.

Parks Sport and Recreation Committee Chairperson, Councillor David Morrison said major clean up works had been conducted for many weeks at Colleges Crossing, Joseph Brady Park and Riverside Park.

"There will be limited facilities available at both Colleges Crossing and Joseph Brady Park as these may take several months to re-establish.

"It may be years before the effects of the flood are remedied at these parks, but to allow the public some access we have had crews working overtime to get these parks back into shape after the total devastation of the floods.

"Most of the major clean up works at the three parks operated by Ipswich City Council were completed by the end of March and we have allowed an extra couple of weeks to see some grass growth.

"As a result of this work we have been able to open Colleges Crossing and Joseph Brady Parks but please don't expect too much so soon after the floods.

"Unfortunately Riverside Park is suffering severe bank erosion problems and we won't be able to open that area until more reconstruction works are completed."

Division 5 Councillor, Heather Morrow said it was a shame the floods had caused so much damage to these beautiful recreation areas.

"The activities in the Parks to be reopened will be reduced but the opening of these facilities will allow some passive use of the space until such time that the restoration works are complete.

"At Colleges Crossing - the area to the east of the entrance road and boat ramp will be opened for public use while the western area from the entrance road will be used as a stockpile location for further restoration works.

"All of these locations suffered major damage and a majority of facilities and improvements to each of these parks was destroyed and therefore have been removed.

"Council has simply made these areas safe to visit again but this will be at a reduced capacity for a while."

Cr Morrow warned however that people still should not swim in the river at either location due to continued pollution from the floods.

"Council continues to monitor the situation."