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Tenders and Supply

The goal of Ipswich City Council purchasing is to ensure that expenditure of public funds results in the best cost/value ratio.  Potential suppliers will be given fair and equitable consideration of each tender or quotation submitted.

The following details of contracts are published in accordance with Chapter 6 Part 4 section 237, "Publishing details of contracts worth $200,000 or more" of the Local Government Regulation, 2012.

To encourage local industry to tender/quote for the provision of Councils requirements, Council will advertise tenders in local newspapers and actively seek quotations from local suppliers.

Ipswich City Council is streamlining its tender process by providing an e-Tendering system that enables prospective suppliers to download tender documents online.

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Awarded Contracts over $200,000.00

20140401 Contracts Awarded Over $200k 20140401 Contracts Awarded Over $200k (PDF, 307 kb)


Tenders should be placed in the Tender Box located at the Administration Building, Ground Floor, 45 Roderick Street, Ipswich before their respective closing date and time.  Late tenders will not be accepted.

Open Tenders

Code & State Details Date
13-14-317 Request for Tender for Tractors
Issued by Ipswich City Council
Category: Plant Machinery
29 Jul, 2014
13-14-303 Request for Quotation for Service Request Management and External Collaboration Systems Implementation
Issued by Ipswich City Council
Category: IT Hardware and IT Software
5 Aug, 2014
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