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Home Assist

For people 60 years and over and for people of any age with a disability.

What is Home Assist?

The Home Assist Program provides free information, referrals and subsidised assistance to eligible clients.

What does Home Assist Provide?

Home Assist aims to remove some of the practical housing related difficulties experienced by older people and people with a disability who wish to remain living in their home by providing:

Information & Referrals regarding home maintenance, repairs, minor modifications and home security. Service staff can also refer and assist, if necessary, with employing tradespeople, contracting experts, or planning future work.

Home Security staff trained by the Queensland Police Service can inspect your home and give a written assessment to help you decide on security related repairs and installations. This is an independent and unbiased service.

Subsidised Assistance assists people who are unable to obtain alternative assistance with minor home maintenance, repairs, modifications and security which relate to their health, safety and security.

Are you eligible for Home Assist?

Eligible people are those who are home owners or live in rental housing and are:

  • 60 years and over; or
  • of any age with a disability

In addition to the above, to receive subsidised assistance for work in your home, you need to be:

  • receiving a Commonwealth Government allowance or payment;
  • unable to make use of alternative forms of assistance, such as Home & Community Care, Veterans Affairs, family or friends.

HACC Home Maintenance

As the services are funded from the HACC Program, eligibility is determined by the HACC Program National Guidelines, that is:

  • frail or at risk aged persons or younger people with a moderate or severe disability, who need support with home modifications to prevent premature or inappropriate long term residential care into hostel, nursing home or similar institution, and the carers of those persons.

Home Assist Referral Form

To refer yourself or someone else to Home Assist please download and complete the Home Assist Referral Form.

Home Assist Self Referral Form Home Assist Self Referral Form (PDF, 110 kb)
Home Assist Service Provider Referral Form Home Assist Service Provider Referral Form (PDF, 74 kb)


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