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Urgent Ipswich Evacuation Centre Information

Urgent Ipswich Evacuation Centre Information

The Ipswich Showgrounds’ main club function area and the Shiloh Christian Church will operate as the city’s evacuation centres today.
The Showgrounds’ centre, 81 Warwick Rd, Ipswich;

The Shiloh Christian Church, 72 Redbank Plains Rd, Goodna;

People evacuating to the centres are asked to bring the following items with them:

• Personal bedding for all family members;
• Medications;
• Toiletries;
• Baby gear and food;
• Personal aids such as chairs and walkers etc;
• Personal clothing and;
• Towels.

Please ensure you have ID with you, preferably something with a photo such as a driver's licence or if not something like a Medicare card.

Anyone wanting to evacuate with their pets must head to the Ipswich Showgrounds evacuation centre.

No animals will be able to be accepted at the Shiloh facility.

Please bring all food, water bowls, leads and cages needed for your animals.

Arrangements are currently being made for meals at the centres but it would be advisable to bring some food items with you to assist in the interim period.

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