Post Customer Service Satisfaction Surveys to analyse and assess real customer interactions with council are due to commence on Monday 30 March.

The project currently underway seeks to evaluate our current state including our customer service delivery.

CSBA (The Customer Experience Specialists) were engaged as part of this project to undertake independent benchmarking of our current state of customer service which will be vital to help us get some understanding of customer sentiment regarding their engagements with Council.

This second step of this work will commence from Monday 30 March and finish on Sunday 12 April - feedback will be sought from approximately 2,000 phone customers and 1,000 digital council customers.

Other councils in Australia will undertake this assessment concurrently and Ipswich City Council results will be benchmarked across those councils.

Customer Service Requests from the following council touchpoints will be included in the data provided to CSBA:

  • (IMU and CES driven requests)
  • Electronic forms via MyIpswich
  • Inbound phone calls to 3810 6666
  • Civic Centre ticketing enquires to 3810 6100
  • Ipswich Waste Services enquiries to 3810 8100 (managed by Councils call centre)
  • Customer counters including Libraries, P&D Counter and Council Connect
  • Council pdf forms received via OR counter walk ins

The following types of requests will be included in the research.

Will include the following type of requests:

  • Animals
  • Community Assistance
  • Development / building / plumbing
  • Drainage
  • Emergency Management
  • Graffiti and vandalism
  • Laws and enforcement
  • Parks and reserves
  • Public Health and Environment
  • Public Incidents
  • Rates and Billing
  • Roads / footpaths
  • Signs
  • Traffic and Transport
  • Waste Management
  • Customer Call Centre

Will NOT include the following types of requests:

  • Enviroplan Photographic Competition
  • Event permits / licences
  • Events
  • Internal work requests
  • Road permits

The results of this survey will be available early May.

For more information please contact Ipswich City Council.