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Ipswich City Council Policies

All policies are made by resolution of Council in accordance with the provisions of the Local Government Act 2009. Policies are subject to regular review. For more information regarding Ipswich City Council Policies phone (07) 3810 6666.

Arts, Social Development and Community Engagement Policies

City of Ipswich Collection Policy

Community Development Grants Policy

Community Donations Policy

Community Engagement Policy

Community Facilities Policies

Community Planning Policies

Cultural Policy for Ipswich

Disability, Access and Equity Policy

Grants, Donations, Bursaries and Scholarships Policy

Guidelines for Reference and Consultative Committees

Home Assist Complaints Disputes and Review of Decision Policy

Home Assist Consumer Contribution Policy

Home Assist Referral Policy

Home Assist Lawn Maintenance Policy

Home Assist Minor Home Maintenance Client Repayment Policy

Home Assist Operations Policy

Home Assist Privacy and Confidentiality Policy

Home Assist Refusal of Service Policy

Home Assist Residential Tenancy Rooming Accommodation and Boarders Policy

Home Assist Secure Allocations Policy

Indigenous Australia Social Justice Accord Policy

Ipswich Art Gallery - Community Gallery Operations Policy

Ipswich Art Gallery - Fundraising Activities Policy

Ipswich Art Gallery Corporate Sponsorship Policy

Ipswich Art Gallery Exhibition Policy

Ipswich Art Gallery Opening Hours Policy

Ipswich Art Gallery Ticketing for Events and Exhibitions Policy

Ipswich City Council Multicultural, Access and Equity Policy

Ipswich City Council Social Justice Policy

Library Services Policy

Volunteer Management Policy

WG Hayden Humanities Centre Operations Policy

Youth Policy

Economic Development and Marketing Policies

Anzac Day Ceremonies and Celebrations Policy

Appointment of Honorary Ambassadors for the City of Ipswich Policy

Council Officers Addressing Community, Public, Professional and Educational Organisations

Economic Development Incentives Policy

Event Sponsorship

Free Public Wi-Fi Policy

Freedom of Entry to the City and Key to the City

Gifts and Floral Tributes Policy

International Relations Policy

Ipswich City Council Advertising Policy

Requests for Use of Council Logo by Other Organisations

Requests to Purchase a City of Ipswich Logo Flag

Smart City Innovative Proposals Policy

Sponsorship of Promotional Street Banners

Use of the Ipswich City Council’s Official Crest

Planning and Development Policies

Consideration of Infrastructure contributions for modified developments

Historical Collection Guideline Policy 

Infrastructure Contribution Relief or Exemptions for Non-residential Development Undertaken by Community Organisations Policy

Kerbside Numbering Policy

Population Growth Monitoring Policy

Property Numbering Policy

Settlement of Planning and Development Appeals Policy

Statement of Policy - Coal Mining and Coal Seam Gas

Support for 4 to 5 STAR quality hotel developments Policy

Support for the Establishment of Olive Growing Policy

Support for the Establishment of Viticulture, a Local Wine Making Industry and Related Business Activities Policy

Support for the Reuse of Existing Non-Residential Buildings Policy

Infrastructure Services Policies

Application of No Stopping Devices Policy

Community Facility Name Signs Policy

Temporary Seals for Dust Suppression on Gravel Roads Policy

Works, Parks and Recreation Policies

Alcohol Consumption and Sale in Council Facilities and Areas

Natural Area Estate Fire Management Policy

Collection of Storm Damaged Vegetation Policy

Conservation Estates and Reserves Management Policy

Construction and Repair of Property Access Policy

Disposal of Non-Resusable Spoil Policy

Domestic Waste Collection Policy

Footpath Inspection and Maintenance Policy

Free Plant Policy

Graffiti Removal Policy

Habitat/Nest Box Policy

Infrastructure Asset Management Policy

Ipswich City Council Light Vehicle Policy

Ipswich Enviroplan Acquisition Policy

Ipswich Outdoor/Nature-Based Recreation Policy

Irrigator Oversprays on Roadways Policy

Landscape Areas on Nature Strips Policy

Leash Free Dog Area Policy

Maintenance of Unformed Roads Policy

Major Events at Council Swim Centres Policy

Management of Abandoned Shopping Trolleys on Road Reserves and Other Council Controlled Properties Policy

Master Planning for Open Space Policy

Motor Vehicle Fleet - Replacement of Vehicles Policy

Multi-Use Sport and Recreation Facilities Policy

Parks and Recreation Asset, Inspection, Maintenance and Repair Policy

Parks, Streetscapes and Open Space Irrigation Policy

Personal Tributes Within Council’s Open Space and Road Network Policy

Prioritisation and Programming of Roads and Drainage Maintenance Policy

Prioritisation of Gravel Roads for a Maintenance Program Policy

Private Use of Council Motor Vehicles Policy

Skate and BMX Facilities Policy

Sport and Recreation Facility Use Management Policy

Sport, Recreation and Physical Activity Policy

Statement of Management Intent – Flying-fox Roost Management in Ipswich City Policy

Street Lighting Policy

Supervision at Swim Centres Policy

Temporary Cancellation of the Domestic Refuse and Recycling Collection Service Policy

Traditional Land Access Policy

Upgrading of Unformed Roads Policy

Urban Forest Policy

Use of Driveways as Turnaround Areas for Domestic Waste Collection Vehicles Policy

Use of Personal Cameras (Including Mobile Phone Cameras) in Specified Public Area Policy

Finance and Corporate Services Policies

Anti-Discrimination and Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Policy

Asset Accounting Policy

Attendance at Australian Defence Force Reserve Training and Activities Policy

Bereavement Leave Policy

Blood Donor Leave Policy

Change of Ownership Fee Exemption Policy

Christmas Leave Policy

Citywide and Divisional Allocations Policy

Clothing - State Award Employees Policy

Company Directors Membership Costs Policy

Complaints Management Policy

Confidentiality Policy

Council Corporate Uniform (Non-Compulsory) Office Based Staff Policy

Council Name Badge Policy

Councillors' Acceptable Requests Guidelines for Advice or Information Policy

Credit Policy

Credit Risk Policy

Customer Service Policy

Damage to Private or Commercial Property Caused by Trees on Council Owned or Controlled Land Policy

Debt Policy

Determination of Department Structures, Descriptions and Position Outlines Policy

Discount for Payment of Rates Policy

Dividing Fences Policy

Emergency Service Policy

Employment of Ex-Apprentices Policy

Employment of Trainees Policy

Enterprise Risk Management Policy

Entertainment and Hospitality Policy

Ex-Gratia Payments Policy

Financial Management Policy

First Aid Policy

Flexible Working Hours Policy

General Donations to the Ipswich City Council Social Club Incorporated Policy

Hardship Property Acquisition Policy

Higher Grade Pay Policy

Internal Audit Charter

Interview/Selection Panel Policy

Investment Policy

Ipswich City Council - Expenses Reimbursement Policy

Ipswich City Council Audit Committee Charter

Ipswich City Council Governance Policy

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Policy

Jury Service Policy

Leave Without Pay Policy

Long Serving Employees Policy

Mailout/Postage Distribution Authorisation Policy

Making and Reviewing Local Laws and Subordinate Local Laws Policy

Management of Public Interest Disclosure Policy

Medical Examinations Policy

Membership of Professional Associations and Reimbursement of Individual Membership Fees Policy

Officer Attendance at Inspections, Deputations, Conferences, Meetings, Training and Other Functions Policy

On Call at Home for Emergency Work Outside Ordinary Working Hours Policy

Open Data Policy

Paid Leave to Attend Volunteer Citizen Forces Training Policy

Pensioner Remission of Rates Policy

Policy on the Provision of Legal Assistance for Employees and Councillors

Prescription Safety Glasses Policy

Procurement Policy

Provision of Information to Law Enforcement Agencies Policy

Rate Concession Policy

Rates Recovery Policy

Re-Employment of Employees Who Have Received a Termination Payment Under the Terms of the Redundancy Provisions of Council's Enterprise Bargaining Agreement Policy

Rehabilitation Policy

Reimbursement of Interview Expenses Policy

Reimbursement of Telephone Expenses Policy

Related Party Disclosure Policy

Removal Expenses Policy

Reserve Price Policy

Revenue Policy

Reward for Information on Illegal Dumping, Vandalism and Theft Policy

Salary Packaging Policy

Smoke Free Workplace Policy

Study Assistance Policy

Teleconferencing Arrangements for Meetings of Council Policy

Term Contract Policy

Variations to Term Contracts Policy

Voting Entitlement for Delegates/Representatives Policy

Working with Children Policy

Workplace Health and Safety Policy