Ipswich 2020 is the culmination of the commitment of Ipswich residents of today to plan for the challenges that lay ahead with the growth of the city in the future. It outlines not only what we want for the future of Ipswich but also a roadmap on how to get there. The plan is intended to be a key reference document for all those involved in the future development of Ipswich.

Cover Message (PDF, 1.1 mb)
A Introduction (PDF, 186 kb)
B Implementation Framework (PDF, 1004 kb)
C Monitoring Achievement (PDF, 82 kb)
D Ipswich Community Values (PDF, 136 kb)
E Vision Statement (PDF, 181 kb)
F Strategic Directions (PDF, 152 kb) Refer to Sections F1 to F6 below for detailed information.
F1 Natural Environment (PDF, 190 kb)
F2 Growth Management (PDF, 328 kb)
F3 Strong Diverse Economy (PDF, 100 kb)
F4 Community Spirit And Wellbeing (PDF, 212 kb)
F5 Infrastructure And Services (PDF, 133 kb)
F6 Integrated Transport And Movement (PDF, 106 kb)
G Suggested Implementation Framework (PDF, 620 kb)

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