Ipswich Enviro Awards aim to recognise those in the community who have contributed to improve environmental and sustainability outcomes for the city.


  • 5 June 2021 Nominations opened
  • 31 July 2021 Nominations closed
  • August 2021 Judging
  • 28 August 2021 Winners announced at EnviroForum

Categories and eligibility criteria

All nominees must have participated in their action or activity within the past year (5 June 2020 – 5 June 2021). Actions or activities may have been undertaken for a longer period of time but must still be ongoing in the past year to be eligible.

Environmental Hero Award

Arnold and Joyce Rieck 2021 Enviro AwardThis category recognises an individual who has taken action to improve or enhance the natural environment of Ipswich. Examples of actions that may be considered in this category include community greening activities, conservation works, tree plantings, litter clean ups, or natural area rehabilitation works.

Congratulations to 2021 winners Arnold and Joyce Rieck. Arnold and Joyce Rieck have dedicated 20 years of continual hard work to the Mason’s Gully project alone. Many specimens of rare Rosewood Scrub species have been established through their activities. Together they have made a significant impact not only on the Rosewood area but also inspired many others in the community to improve the natural environment.

Sustainable Leadership Award

Goodna State School 2021 Enviro AwardThis category recognises an individual or group who has actioned new and creative solutions, taking a holistic view of sustainability, to reduce the community’s environmental footprint. Examples of actions that may be considered in this category include educational or community events about living sustainably or corporate sustainability actions.

Congratulations to 2021 winners Goodna State School. Goodna State School has adopted a holistic view of sustainability to reduce the school and community’s environmental footprint. Initiatives go above and beyond, spanning from solar panels to Containers for Change collections. Students are the driving force and manage all recycling programs, develop initiatives such as book and clothes sales and gardens, and conduct audits to implement various improvements.

Young Enviro Champion Award

Darcy Witherspoon 2021 Enviro AwardIndividuals aged 25 years or younger who have made an outstanding contribution to the protection of the environment or have committed to action a sustainability initiative can be nominated for this award.

Congratulations to 2021 winner Darcy Witherspoon. Darcy Witherspoon is the founder of the Down to Earth charity. It addresses both sustainability and supporting the homeless and those in need. The charity is funded entirely through 10c refunds on recycled cans and bottles. It is built around recycling, using donations of clothing and blankets, and has also prevented tonnes of imperfect and end-of-shelf-life groceries going to landfill.

Enviro Organisation Award

West Moreton Landcare 2021 Enviro AwardThis category is open to organisations which have implemented activities to improve and protect the natural environment or improve sustainability through actions or design. Examples include sustainable initiatives that encourage increased sustainable living practices within the community or corporate environmental initiatives above best practice operations.

Congratulations to 2021 winner West Moreton Landcare. West Moreton Landcare Group undertake an incredible volume of work improving large areas of the Ipswich’s natural environment. In 2021 their work has included removing invasive weeds, planting and maintaining habitat areas, and educating members, landholders and the community about environment and sustainability issues.

For more detailed information, view the 2021 Ipswich Enviro Awards Nominee Guidelines.