Held annually, EnviroForum showcases initiatives and innovative surrounding the sustainable management of natural resources.

It’s an opportunity to hear from expert guest speakers as they share valuable insight to important environmental topics facing Ipswich and beyond.

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2021 EnviroForum - Celebrating 25 Years of Enviroplan

EnviroForum 2021: Celebrating 25 years of Enviroplan

Enviroplan 25 years stampIn celebration of 25 years of conservation achievements through Enviroplan, the 2021 EnviroForum was an open-air event at Hardings Paddock with the stunning Flinders – Goolman Conservation Estate as its backdrop.

  • Date: Saturday 28 August 2021
  • Location: Hardings Paddock, Carmichaels Road, Purga.

Program for 2021

EnviroForum 2021 included activities highlighting the cultural and conservation value of Enviroplan. This included the opening of the 'Hardings Hut' for environmental education, a traditional cultural performance and a weaving with weeds demonstration.

View the 2021 EnviroForum program (PDF, 4.5 MB).

Guest speaker Peter MurrayConservation, why is it important?

Guest speaker Peter Murray, Associate Professor (Wildlife Management) at University of Southern Queensland brings a wealth of experience from teaching and undertaking research on the ecology and behaviour of wild animals. This includes pest animals, and wildlife managed sustainably. He has taken students overseas for them to learn about natural resource management in Africa.

Tongue orchidDiscoveries prove Enviroplan's value

A recent on-ground audit of Enviroplan conservation estates discovered previously unknown and significant populations of a number of threatened species - emphatic proof of the enormous value of Enviroplan to threatened flora conservation. This included species at Flinders-Goolman Conservation Estate.

Einam property KoalaHolistic approach to land restoration

The Einam's 28 hectare property had a 40-year history of grazing when they purchased it in 2016. In a short time they have transferred it into a koala haven using holistic property management techniques with fire, weed and soil management. This case study property is part of the Enviroplan-funded Landholder Conservation Partnerships Program.

Flinders hikeShare the love of nature

There is a balance between preserving our natural areas undisturbed and creating human connection and natural area activation. Building a positive visitor culture based on appreciation of nature's values is something we can all be a part of. Enviroplan enables visitor management initiatives such as Experience Nature.

Partnership Opportunities

If you are looking for a new way to reach your clients, join us at EnviroForum.

With professionals, environmental enthusiasts and dedicated group members involved with the EnviroForum, it's your chance to reach out and capture your fans.  While the event is online this year, we are happy to discuss activation opportunities which enhance the program for our community.  Join us to:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Position your organisation in the city and SEQ
  • Utilise a bespoke sponsorship opportunity to reach your marketing objectives
  • Showcase your organisation to existing and new fans

We look forward to discussing ideas with you and offering new benefits to our EnviroForum attendees.

Please contact us on (07) 3810 6666 or email environment@ipswich.qld.gov.au for further information or to let us know what you want to see at EnviroForum.

Previous EnviroForums

2020 - Changing Landscapes webinars

2020 has already seen a changing landscape for all.  How do we, wildlife and the land adapt and can we become resilient to what the future may bring? Join us on the journey as we discuss Changing Landscapes.

How to Grow a Resilient Garden

With Kate Wall's wealth of knowledge working with numerous clients to create the perfect garden, she certainly has the experience to guide us in building a resilient garden.

There are many factors to consider and many impacts on our gardens, but we can be equipped to make sure it stands the test of time and changes, whether it be drought, flood or heat.

VIDEO: Watch the webinar recording

Hidden Vale Koalas

The expert team at Hidden Vale Wildlife Centre bring us an exciting showcase of research projects involving koalas.

Dr Andrew Tribe and Karmen Butler show us their project that involves tracking koalas to develop a thriving koala population that could bolster regional populations. Dalene Adam explores the impact of climate change on koalas.

VIDEO: Watch the showcase recording

Changing Landscapes Impacts on Birds

Conserving biodiversity is essential for maintaining the health of the environment that supports human life. Biodiversity is also vital to understanding why species respond the way they do to landscape change.

Professor Martine Maron will explore how even highly modified landscapes can be managed to be more biodiverse.

VIDEO: Watch the webinar recording

Managing Future Floods

Living with flood is a part of life in Ipswich. We need to be ready and resilient.

Join a panel of experts helping to develop the Ipswich Integrated Catchment Plan as part of Ipswich's City Council's ongoing commitment to understand and prepare for flood.

This was a special event for Managing Future Floods community engagement.

VIDEO: Watch the webinar recording

The in-situ use of microchip automated devices for wildlife

How can we support our wildlife to adapt to our ever-changing landscape?

Shania Watson from Hidden Vale Wildlife Centre explores a project she has been involved in, using microchip technology to ensure targeted species get first access to nest boxes. She has successfully trained seven brush-tailed possums and one brush-tailed phascogale to use this method.

VIDEO: Watch the webinar recording

Change in landscape from a Landcare perspective

West Moreton Landcare's Bob Hampson brings his local knowledge and experience in landscape restoration to this special session.

Join Bob in his local environment and on the ground at one of his Marburg restoration projects, to show what is possible in our community.

VIDEO: Watch the showcase recording

2019 EnviroForum: Our Wildlife Neighbours

View the program.

2018 EnviroForum: From Little Things Big Things Grow

EnviroForum 2018 Program (PDF, 366.2 KB)

Ipswich EnviroForum 2017: Nature Conservation in the Digital Age

Ipswich EnviroForum 2016: Bridging Communication Gaps

Download a copy of the EnviroForum 2016 Program (PDF, 2.2 MB)

Download a copy of the Inspiration Café Discussion Notes (PDF, 989.3 KB)
detailing workshop outcomes.

Ipswich EnviroForum 2015: Sharing Water Wisdom for a Sustainable Future

A copy of the program can be found here: EnviroForum Program 2015  (PDF, 580.5 KB)

Ipswich EnviroForum 2014: Biodiversity in Focus – Celebrating Success

The first ever Ipswich EnviroForum, held on the 9 May 2014, provided delegates with a closer look into current trends and studies surrounding biodiversity within the South East Queensland region.

A copy of the program can be found here: EnviroForum Program 2014 (PDF, 4.4 MB)