Ipswich aspires to become Australia’s most liveable and prosperous Smart City. A smart city is one which harnesses the potential of new technologies and data to help its residents improve their lives. A smart city must be an open city, inviting new forms of collaboration and innovative ideas.

Open data - data anyone can access, use and share - is a core element of Ipswich City Council’s Smart City program.

The objective of Open Data is to:

  • Create opportunities for local businesses, schools, entrepreneurs and policy makers to innovate using Ipswich City data, including to help the Council provide improved services
  • Enable new business models and services incorporating Ipswich City data
  • Become an exemplar among local councils around Australia in how it makes its data available and reusable
  • Foster an open and collaborative culture within the Council, breaking down silos and enabling better information sharing; and
  • Ultimately deliver better, more efficient services for the people of Ipswich.

Not all data held by Council can be made available as open data. Some data sets may contain personal information, information that is commercially sensitive or information that is owned by a third party. In addition, Council may have access to data sets owned by third parties which have been licensed to them. These data sets can only be shared in accordance with the conditions of the licence they’ve been made available to the Council under.

Ipswich City Council approved open data can be downloaded under open licence at: http://www.data.gov.au/organization/city-of-ipswich

You can share your feedback with us at smartcity@ipswich.qld.gov.au