We are always looking for sustainable partners to collaborate with us and help make Ipswich a more sustainable city for all!. If you would like to host a sustainability event or share your sustainable products and services, contact us at enviroed@ipswich.qld.gov.au.

Everyone is welcome to share their how they live, eat and play the sustainable way using #sustainableipswich

Raw Metal Corp

Recycling is not only about what can fit in your yellow bin or take to the refuse centre. You can recycle a lot of scrap metal that you have at home or at work. Aluminium, electric motors, lead batteries, stainless steel, white goods, brass, copper, cars wheels, steel pipes and fencing and more can be recycled by Raw Metal Corp. You can order a skip bin or take advantage of their free pickups from your home or business

Website: Raw Metal Corp

Peak-a-Do Hair Salon

Being a sustainable salon is all in a day's work at Peak-a-Do, who aim to achieve zero waste, reduce their carbon footprint and implement sustainable work practices that benefit the local community. Their aim is that 95% of the resources used during your service will be diverted from landfill and sent for recycling. Did you know hair could be used to soak up oil from an oil spill? Read this Ipsiwch First Article to learn more about this innovative salon is cutting waste while cutting hair.

Website: Peak-a-Do Hair Salon

Bee-Cause Wax Wraps

Beeswax wraps help keep your food fresh and reduce the need for single use plastics. Wraps are reusable, biodegradable, antibacterial and make nude food a breeze.

Website: Bee-Cause Wax Wraps


Your plot at home is a great starting point for sustainability. Plot will bring you inspiration when nurturing your backyard and creating your own little ecosystem. Plot Packs are a great way to start, as they have everything you need to grow your own edible garden.

Website: Plot Australia

Grown Wellness

Grown Wellness is a naturopathic and holistic health clinic that offering online and in-person consultations and a mission to make high-quality holistic healthcare accessible to those in need and to offer low-waste and sustainable options for treatment. Grown Wellness was founded by Ipswich local Hannah Forest and was borne of her great passion for helping others to live their healthiest and most fulfilling lives. Hannah, alongside fellow naturopath Ellene Lampros, is dedicated to creating a strong community. Grown Wellness offers workshops, weekly health content on their social channels and regular health newsletters.

Website: Grown Wellness

Upcycled Treasure – Our Little Gem

Upcycled Treasure has everything you need to create a circular economy in your home! Instead of throwing away that piece of furniture or decor, why not turn it in to a new treasure. Upcycled Treasure has regular workshops to show you how and it has all of the equipment necessary to do so.

Website: Upcycled Treasure - Our Little Gem

Riverview Refuse and Recycling Centre

Some items are free to recycle at the Riverview Refuse and Recycling Centre. Help reduce waste going to landfill by recycling at the refuse centre. These items can be dropped at the centre at no cost:

  • approved recyclables
  • scrap metal and aluminium
  • car batteries
  • cardboard
  • motor oil (20L limit)
  • e-waste
  • glass bottles and jars.

Website: Riverview Refuse and Recycling Centre

Enviro Cleaning Co

Enviro Cleaning Co are a 100% environmentally responsible cleaning business new to Ipswich and surrounding areas.  With certification from GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia), Australia's "Gold-Class" eco-labelling organisation, Enviro Cleaning Co can steam clean your office, gym, medical facility or anywhere with high foot traffic and ensure your business maintains an environmental focus in every way.  Will you take the green pledge and be sustainable?

Website: Enviro Cleaning Co

Market Organics

Market Organics is an organic and sustainable wholefoods retail store dedicated to healthy living.  The store is a passionate supporter of a local network of growers, producers and customers.

Website: Market Organics