You have told us that you want a more sustainable city so here are some real life tips, tricks and ways to help you, your family, friends and colleagues to live, eat and play the sustainable way.

Carbon Footprint Reduction

Money Saving Through Energy, Water and Waste

  • Learn about sustainable living tips that help the environment as well as the health of your body and wallet at Live for Less Brisbane.
  • Find out the energy rating of your home and how you can save money on bills with the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme.
  • Get tips and tricks on ways to make your home intelligently energy efficient at Energy Efficient Council.
  • Find information to help your business understand energy, water and waste costs at ecoBiz.

Zero Waste Ways

  • Find out what you can recycle and how to do it via Ipswich at council's Recycle 4 Program and Glass Recycling Program.
  • To find out what waste items go in what bin and when each type of bin is collected download the Ipswich Bin App.
  • Shop smart and reduce packaging and food wastage by bringing your own container and buying just the amount of food you actually need from The Source Bulk Foods.
  • Did you know the Riverview Recycling and Refuse Centre accepts some recycling items free of charge? Residents are permitted to dispose of:
    • approved recyclables, including scrap metal and aluminium; car batteries; cardboard; motor oil (20L limit) and e-waste
    • glass bottles and jars
    • paint and eligible products accepted through the Paintback scheme, in accordance with the limits specified in the scheme.

Be Local - Buy Local

Nude Food Tips and Events

Go Green with Trees

  • Get proactively green and plant some trees to help improve our air and water quality by joining an existing Ipswich bushcare group as a volunteer.
  • Find events, workshops and information on landcare activities at Intrepid Landcare.
  • Keep your garden growing by claiming your free greenery through council's Free Plant Program.
  • Find out how easy it is to attract bees and butterflies to your backyard to get and keep it sustainable at Pollinator Links.
  • Receive free trees and the opportunity to apply for grants to support environmental activities by applying to be a council Landholder Partner.