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Ipswich Waste Services

Ipswich Waste Services is a business activity of Ipswich City Council that operates according to commercial principles.

Prior to 1 July 1998, the waste services activities of Ipswich City Council were undertaken within the Departmental structure of Council. This history, extending back more than 50 years, provides Ipswich Waste Services with a strong background for delivering domestic and commercial waste services.

Today, our principal customers remain as the Ipswich City Council and the community that it serves. The services delivered by Ipswich Waste Services on behalf of Ipswich City Council are specified in a number of service agreements. These services include the household refuse and recycling services, internal waste collection services, waste recycling and disposal services. Ipswich Waste Services also provides a range of waste and recycling services to commercial and industrial clients.

Ipswich Waste Services is committed to providing quality products and services, that provide value to our customers.

The team at Ipswich Waste Services has a focus on customer satisfaction.  We listen closely to what our customers ask for and will endeavour to meet your requirements.  As a team, we offer experience, motivation and commitment in providing the best possible services for our clients.  We are pleased to be of service and take pride in the quality of our work.

We believe in:

  • Understanding the needs and expectations of our customers.
  • Getting it right the first time.
  • Admitting if we don't get it right and putting things right quickly.
  • Doing what we say we'd do.
  • Providing a cost effective and efficient service.
  • Explaining our decisions.
  • Keeping our customers informed.
  • Being polite and helpful.
  • Doing everything reasonably possible to make our services available to everyone, including people with special needs.

Business Management System Policy (PDF, 435 kb)

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