As part of Council’s ongoing commitment to transparency and community engagement, public participation is available at each Ordinary meeting of Council. This is to allow members of the community to raise issues relating to council’s strategies and policies and matters that are currently on the agenda of the council meeting.

While physical attendance at Council meetings remains very limited due to COVID-19 restrictions, Ipswich City Council is committed to raising the bar on transparency. Committees and Ordinary Meetings will continue to be streamed live to the public.

To better enable the community to share their position on matters before Council, Ipswich City Council is piloting a pre-agenda submission form during COVID-19.

We invite considered submissions on items before Council to be lodged before 12.00 pm on the Monday prior to the meeting.  

Councillors will be provided with all submissions for consideration in advance of the meeting. The submissions will not be published in this phase of the pilot.