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Councillor Paul Tully's Most Memorable Quotes

"This is the last time I will ever talk to your newspaper."
To various editors of the Queensland Times in Ipswich on an estimated 300 occasions from 1979 - 2008.

 "I've never been on a junket in my life but I know plenty of people who have."
At a meeting of councillors in October 2003.

"Just keep your nose out of Labor Party affairs east of Bundamba Creek."
To expelled former Federal Labor Member for Oxley Les Scott during the 1998 Ipswich City Council Division 4 by-election.

"My friend, you can put your (One Nation) how-to-vote card where the pick handles of pusillanimity of  primary-producing pig farmers preferentially prospers posteriously upwards."
Federal Election Day, 3 October 1998.

 "Les, hey Les, hey Les - I thought you had died."
Calling out to the former Federal Member for Oxley on Election Day 3 October 1998 who had lost the safe Labor seat to an Independent two years earlier.

"This has to be the biggest rort I have ever seen in Australia."
At the Constitutional Convention in Canberra on 12 February 1998, challenging the Chairman's Barry Jones bizarre ruling that a motion was carried when only 75 of 150 delegates had voted in favour. 

"She IS a Pom."
At the Constitutional Convention in Canberra on 10 February 1998 in response to Monarchist Bruce Ruxton who claimed that the Queen of England was an Australian.

 "Are you fair dinkum Aussies or apolgists for a foreign regime whose actions in dumping us in World War II were proof of its indifference to our nation?"
Constitutional Convention in Canberra on 3 February 1998, challenging Monarchists to support an Australian republic.

 "The shortest-serving councillor of the Ipswich City Council since its inception in 1860."
About Pauline Hanson, March 1996.

"The only person ever elected to the Ipswich City Council since 1860 who left office knowing less than when he was first elected."
To former Ipswich Councillor John Ranizowski who was interjecting from the public gallery at a meeting of the Ipswich City Council on 25 October 1995.

 "Goodna boys don't cry."
The Queensland Times 11 August 1990, when mayoral aspirant David Underwood tried unsuccessfully to have Paul Tully disendorsed by the ALP.  Underwood was expelled from the ALP himself three years later.

"He wouldn't have the brains of a flea."
To a Liberal alderman at a Council meeting November 1985.

"OK.  He would have the brains of a flea."
To the same Liberal alderman who asked for the withdrawal of the previous remark.

 "You don't need arguments, just the numbers."
Ipswich Labor Caucus August 1979.