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Animal Management facility upgrade

24 October 2017

Council is looking to upgrade its Animal Management Centre at Hooper Street, West Ipswich.

Health, Security and Regulatory Services Committee Chairperson Cr Sheila Ireland said Council’s impound and rehoming facility needed an upgrade.

“The older site buildings are compromised by a combination of age and repeated water and flood damage. New facilities would support more rehoming of unclaimed animals and improve conditions for impounded dogs and cats,” she said.

The RSPCA operates rehoming activities from the site and is contracted to Council as service provider for the care of impounded animals. Cr Ireland said Council and the RSPCA worked closely to manage the increasing number of pets in the community.

The centre has a capacity to hold 35 impounded dogs, with a further 8 kennels for dangerous or high risk dogs. The rehoming kennels have a capacity of 27. The impound cattery can accommodate up to 40 cats.

Cr Ireland said the site had been subject to flood damage in 2011, 2013 and 2017. A minor upgrade had been carried out in 2012.

“The current animal management facilities are old and damaged in some areas, and no longer represent efficient use of the site. We want to help our officers and the organisations we work with, like the RSPCA, to provide the best level of care for impounded animals and those in need of rehoming,” she said.

“Modern facility design may assist Council and the RSPCA in reducing any diseases in animals.”

Renovation of existing kennel facilities could provide an opportunity for private boarding, an automated dog wash system could be added, potentially in a community fundraising capacity, while an on-site vet clinic could be built as part of the centre.

Cr Ireland said concept designs of a new centre presented to Council were very impressive. Council would now seek cost estimates to redevelop the site.

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