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Council drafts new and improved record-keeping policy for better transparency

05 November 2018

Ipswich City Council has adopted a new record keeping policy that will provide reliable, complete and authentic evidence of business activities and decisions.

Interim Administrator Greg Chemello said under the Public Records Act 2002, council’s CEO is required to ensure council is compliant in keeping full and accurate records of its activities.

“Following recent discussions with the Queensland State Archivist it was agreed that Corporate Services would draft a record keeping policy, review council’s current record keeping procedures and include defining a council record,” he said.

Mr Chemello said the policy had been drafted and is applicable to all technological and administrative environments in which council business is conducted.  It applies to all councillors and council employees and encompasses all records regardless of their format (e.g. paper, photographic, electronic, etc).

He said it would ensure council met legislative obligations and was “supporting and championing the local government principles”.

“Further work will be undertaken to review the supporting record keeping procedures together with a training program of key staff to ensure they are aware of the record keeping obligations and are capturing records in council systems appropriately.”

Endorsing the new policy at yesterday’s council meeting, Mr Chemello said it was a first for Ipswich.

“It is particularly important for council at this point in time. Given recent events, it is critical that council appropriately manages its documents and records, retaining all public records required under law, and ensuring that all record disposals are within the arrangements approved by the Queensland State Archivist,” he said.

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