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Ipswich gets serious about household recycling

16 May 2018

Ipswich City Council has made recycling easy for residents.

In a bid to cut contamination rates by more than half, council has come up with a simple, definitive list of just four categories for the yellow lid bin as part of the fortnightly kerbside collection service.

They are:

  1. Paper – newspapers, magazines, junk mail, office paper
  2. Cardboard – boxes (including empty pizza boxes)
  3. Aluminium cans and tins
  4. Plastic containers – plastic bottles (milk, soft drink, and shampoo and other toiletry containers), yoghurt and ice cream containers

Acting Works, Parks and Sport Committee Chair Cr David Morrison said council has entered into a 12-month contract with Visy Paper Pty Ltd to accept recycled waste.

Cr Morrison said a crucial component of the new contract with Visy was to drastically reduce contamination down from more than 50 per cent currently to a target of 15 per cent or less.

“I have faith that the people of Ipswich will respond and achieve the 15 per cent target and even lower,” he said.

“We have come up with a simple and effective solution to the contamination issue. We believe identifying four categories for recycling will make it easier for residents to follow.

“Please ensure that containers, cans and boxes don’t have food or leftover products in them before putting them in the yellow lid bin. You can give them a quick rinse if need be.

“Otherwise, if in doubt, leave it out of the yellow lid bin. Put it in your general waste bin.”

Cr Morrison said the key change to council’s previous recycling instructions was: no glass.

“Broken glass is causing contamination of paper and cardboard that are recycled in the yellow lid bin.  We are focussing on getting our contamination levels downs so we are asking you to, please leave glass out,” he said.

“The Queensland Government’s planned container deposit scheme (CDS) is being introduced on 1 November 2018, which will enable you to take selected glass containers to drop-off locations and reverse vending machines for a 10c refund on the container.

“Council is also working on finding new innovative local solutions around how to collect and reuse/ recycle glass.”

Cr Morrison said council will provide bins for glass at the Riverview and Rosewood transfer stations, where glass can be dropped off free of charge.

“Our message is clear: leave glass out of the yellow lid bin, don’t put it in the recycling bin. Put it in the general red lid waste bin, or take it to one of the designated bins for glass,” he said.

“If you don’t want to bin it, drop it off at the transfer stations for free. Other drop-off locations are being investigated to provide extra convenience for residents.”

Cr Morrison urged residents to begin recycling the four main listed categories immediately.

Council will also provide updated stickers for bins identifying the recycling items as soon as possible. The message will be loud and clear.

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