Jacaranda trees reach end of life

15 May 2018

FOUR jacarandas trees on Brisbane Terrace Goodna are set for removal owing to their declining health, and safety risk to motorists and pedestrians.

Ipswich City Council will start to remove the trees this week.

Division 2 councillor Paul Tully said four trees were identified as being near end of life.

It followed intervention earlier this year after another of the trees was felled during a storm in February.

“Immediately after the storm I requested council officers undertake a detailed examination of all jacaranda trees on Brisbane Terrace,” Cr Tully said.

“Sadly the report came back that nine of the 28 jacarandas had issues with their health.

“Four will be removed, while the remainder will be checked again in 12 months.

“I’m pleased to advise that four advanced jacarandas will be planted in place of those removed.

“It is expected the new trees will be approximately four to five metres in height.”

Cr Tully said the avenue of jacarandas was planted during the Great Depression in 1932 when Brisbane Terrace was the main road between Ipswich and Brisbane.

“Since that time the trees have survived being submerged in three floods and sustained periods of dry weather.

“It is fortunate most have lasted nearly 90 years, however they do have a limited lifespan.”

One of the four trees to be removed pictured below.

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