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Statement from Acting Mayor Wayne Wendt

03 May 2018

As you know, the state government this morning announced its intention to initiate proceedings which may or may not lead to this council being moved into the hands of administrators.

We intend to show – with the utmost of integrity – why that should not happen.

Over the past 12 months, this council has introduced more than 20 policies and procedures which have led to a platform of accountable and transparent governance.

While we acknowledge that the CCC has laid multiple charges against people who have worked for this council, it must be stressed that nobody has yet been found guilty of anything.

It is our understanding that many of the charges relate to paperwork and record-keeping, and many of those allegations are in relation to money given to charity.

We must be very careful – for the sake of democracy – that representation of the people is not taken away as a measure to justify the expense of a very long investigation.

As I have said, this council intends to respond to the State Government with a submission that proves we are more than capable of representing the people of this great city – a city which we are proud to serve as councillors.

Acting Mayor Wayne Wendt

City of Ipswich

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