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Google Street View trekker puts Ipswich on the map

05 April 2019

Fifty-seven Ipswich locations never before seen on Google Street View are now available, showcasing some of the most amazing places in the Ipswich region.

The captures are thanks to Josh ‘The Bear’ Kerr, who was selected from over 200 applicants as the ‘Human’ to carry the Street View Trekker (that weighs around 18 kilograms) – walking three million steps over 90 days.

Mr Kerr was a Spicers activities guide before he was chosen in Ipswich City Council’s Human Wanted campaign, which launched in March 2018.

Thanks to the interest around the campaign Nature Conservation has seen a 50 per cent spike in trail use, with White Rock recording 50,000 hikers in 2018 compared to 10,000 in 2017.

Explore heritage property Woodlands at Marburg

Ipswich City Council CEO David Farmer said it was exciting to see the positive response the Google Street View project has had in the community.

“The extensive mapping will help showcase the amazing place that Ipswich is to the rest of Australia and the world,” said Mr Farmer.

With the help of the Google Street View Trekker, Bear was able to capture 360 degree views of Ipswich’s most beautiful scenery every two and a half seconds with 15 camera lenses.

He hiked up Flinders Peak, the tallest in the South East Queensland region, taller than the Glasshouse Mountains to bring some stunning views to Google Maps.

Cross-collaboration between Ipswich City Council teams and industry to get the job done, was key to the success of the project.

Some of the locations Bear trekked included, 88 Limestone St. Purga Nature Reserve, Ipswich Nature Centre, Ivory’s Rock, White Rock and Robelle Domain, to name a few.

Take in Google's Street View of Ipswich now.

Take in the view from Flinders Peak, the tallest peak in South East Queensland

What we’re saying about Ipswich

Ipswich boasts 6500 hectares of reserves and conservation estates, 196km of biking trails and more than 7000 heritage-listed sites in the city.

Figures last financial year showed an impressive 1.6m visitors came to the Ipswich Region, up 27 per cent.

The region is home to a number of operators, from Pterodactyl Helicopters – the number one attraction as rated by Best of Queensland – to The Workshops Railway Museum, 88 Limestone St, Spicers Hiddenvale.

The region’s many other tourist attractions include the oldest park in Queensland, Queens Park; steam rail services with Queensland Pioneer Steam Railway; the Ipswich Nature Centre with its resident wombat, bilbies, rock wallabies and spotted quolls and gold coin admission; and The Workshops Rail Museum located at the birthplace of rail in Queensland.

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