The Materials Recovery Plan (MRP) provides a strategic direction to ensure waste is managed in a sustainable manner within Ipswich over the coming years. The MRP supersedes the Waste Management Strategic Plan (2010-2015).

The future increase in the city’s population calls for innovative waste practices which re-evaluate and re-imagine the concept of waste. The circular economy approach of the MRP seeks to value waste as a resource by driving material recovery activities and demand for recycled content products. It works to keep waste materials, products and components in the ‘user’ system for as long as possible by either recycling or transforming them.

As well as reducing the volume of domestic waste to landfills and increasing domestic recycling the MRP focuses on:

  • Rolling out domestic green waste collection services to 100% of Ipswich residential properties
  • Ensuring glass and concrete recycling is available for Council and residents
  • Establishing a recycle mart for Ipswich.

Community waste strategies

The Ipswich community can assist in creating a sustainable future by minimising waste generation and making full use of the resource recovery services available. Waste sent to landfills can be minimised by reducing food waste, donating good quality goods to charities and the effective use of kerbside recycling. The community can also play an advocacy role through mindful purchasing decisions to encourage manufacturers and suppliers to consider the environmental impacts of their goods and services and reduce unnecessary non-recoverable packaging.

View and/or download the Materials Recovery Plan 2017-2031 (PDF, 765.0 KB)

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