Ipswich City Council is using Facebook and we invite you to follow us.


We aim to inform the community of what's happening in Ipswich including:

  • Important news updates
  • Upcoming events and activities
  • Links to interesting and useful information about Ipswich published on our website and the internet.

Who manages the Facebook account?

This Facebook account is managed by the Ipswich City Council media branch.


  • As a general rule we monitor the Facebook account during business hours only.
  • While it's rare, Facebook may occasionally be unavailable and we accept no responsibility for lack of service due to downtime. In the event of an emergency in the Ipswich area, please contact the following:
  • View more Emergency Management information and content

Formal requests, comments or enquiries

  • You should contact Ipswich City Council by phone, email or in writing if you have a formal request, comment or enquiry.
  • We consider Facebook to be an informal communication channel.
  • Direct messages or posts from Facebook are not considered official correspondence.
  • 'Correspondence' means communications written, faxed, emailed or by other means that includes your proper name and contact information in order for us to act on your enquiry.


Our following of other Facebook Accounts or Pages does not imply any endorsement by Council.


  • Your user identity or email address is not recorded unless you contact us via email, in writing or via online feedback forms.
  • Your email address will only be used for the purpose for which you provide it.
  • Be aware that Facebook is a public space on the internet.

Terms of Service

An open dialogue between ourselves and Facebook users is always welcome, however, when commenting on this page, we ask that you follow the guidelines below.

Do not:

  • Post anything that could be considered prejudicial, racist, off-topic, inflammatory, repetitive, vexatious, offensive or otherwise inappropriate.
  • Swear. We want everyone to be comfortable visiting here to get information about all things Ipswich.
  • Harass or make personal attacks against other users. Please be respectful of others and their opinions.
  • Reveal any personal or sensitive information about others on this page. Divulging any information considered personal or private by community standards can cause unnecessary hurt and distress. Please remember these sensitivities before you post.
  • Post anything that could be considered spam.
  • Link to other Facebook pages, any non-government or off-topic page.
  • Report any offensive material on Facebook to this page, or post a link to it. Complaints about offensive material should be made directly to Facebook.

Any comment deemed to fit under these definitions will be subject to deletion. Users found to be repeatedly engaging in the above activities will be banned from this page. By following these simple guidelines, you will help make our jobs easier and allow us to focus on keeping the community informed.


  • Whilst Ipswich City Council endeavours to maintain the currency and accuracy of information published on this channel, it does not guarantee that the information is accurate, complete, or current, or that the data is free from defects or malicious code such as viruses. It is advisable that users ascertain the currency of information immediately prior to use. Ipswich City Council disclaims all responsibility for any loss or damage which may arise from the use of this channel.
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