Council committed to supporting Ipswich’s creative and cultural communities

30 June 2022

Ipswich City Council has continued its commitment to support the city’s community organisations and local artists in its 2022-2023 Budget, with a focus that builds on community strengths.

More than $800,000 has been allocated to grants for clubs, not-for-profit organisations, local groups and creators through community funding programs to support projects, events and activities that benefit the Ipswich region.

Community, Culture, Arts and Sports Committee Chairperson Councillor Andrew Fechner said due to demand council has increased the funding to available community grants as community groups restore their activities as COVID-19 social restrictions roll back.

“Ipswich’s local community groups and clubs are the lifeblood and focal points of our creative and collaborative community,” Cr Fechner said.

“Council is committed to supporting local initiatives and partnerships that encourage participation in community life, celebrate Ipswich’s diverse cultures and contribute to a happy, healthy and sustainable city.

“Much of what makes Ipswich welcoming, vibrant and liveable is due to our city’s passionate volunteers, artists, musicians, creators, performers, sportspeople, club members and staff.

“The 2022-2023 Budget continues our commitment to empower and strengthen the capability of the organisations at the heart of our community.”

A further $100,000 has been allocated to strengthen local community groups, a key deliverable of council’s Community Development Strategy, including the development of a citywide inclusion and accessibly plan.

As part council’s ongoing partnership with Arts Queensland $60,000 of funding will be delivered locally through the regional arts development fund.

Councillor Fechner said the 2022-2023 Budget reflects the Creative Industries Action Plan, which was developed in consultation with local artists and businesses to proactively nurture Ipswich’s creative industries.

“A thriving arts community is crucial to our city’s spirit and identity, so we are excited to continue collaborative projects with our creative community and deliver opportunities to showcase Ipswich’s emerging talent,” Cr Fechner said.

“Council recognises the aspirations of creatives in developing sustainable careers based in Ipswich, and this budget continues to provide funding and opportunities to share their work with the world.”

Cr Fechner said council’s calendar of regionally significant events and visitor experiences remains a focus, with $10,000 allocated to quick response grants and $60,000 for In-Kind assistance to support dozens of community-led events.

“From Rosewood and Marburg shows to Springfield and Riverview festivals, we love our community events, and this budget supports growing our creative and inclusive community,” Cr Fechner said.

“We will continue to proudly celebrate our city’s arts, culture and heritage through popular festivals such as the upcoming SPARK Ipswich, Christmas in Ipswich and Galvanized, which celebrates Ipswich’s heritage buildings,” Cr Fechner said.

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