On Wednesday 22 August 2018 the Parliament of Queensland unanimously passed the Local Government (Dissolution of Ipswich City Council) Act 2018 dismissing the mayor and ten councillors of Ipswich City Council.

Greg Chemello was appointed by the state government as interim administrator of Ipswich City Council to Friday 10 January 2020.

Interim Management Committee (IMC) member Steve Greenwood was appointed by the state government as interim administrator from 13 January 2020 until the new mayor and councillors are elected at the 28 March 2020 elections.

The state government also appointed a part-time IMC comprising five experts in their respective fields to help the interim administrator bringing about positive, ethical change to Ipswich City Council. The interim administrator acknowledges that he can only achieve this goal by working collaboratively with council’s chief executive officer, executive leadership team and staff.

By March 2020, the IMC - led by the interim administrator - intends to return Ipswich City Council to an exemplar from which other councils yearn to learn and strive to emulate - a leading council across the state.

Through the implementation of the three-phase VISION2020 program, the interim administrator and the IMC are confident that Ipswich City Council will once again live and breathe the motto featured on its 160-year-old crest: "Confide Recte Agens" ("Be confident in doing right').

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