As the 28 March local government elections approach, council continues to receive requests from candidates for information about council projects and activities. Council will consider all reasonable requests for information and, where possible, provide advice that is generally available to the public. To help ensure transparency and consistency between candidates, all responses provided will be made available on this page.

Requests and Responses

1.  Candidate sought a meeting with council regarding the activities of the Economic Development Department and Fire Station 101.

  • The candidate was offered a declared candidate meeting with the interim administrator.

2. A candidate sought a meeting with Springfield Library staff.

  • The candidate was advised that while council officers were unable to meet and brief candidates, council could provide candidates with information in two ways – either by requesting a meeting with the Interim Administrator or submitting a questions directly.

3. A candidate sought clarification on council’s election signage guidelines, specifically if the guidelines prohibited the placement of election signage on trees on private property with the permission of the property owner.

  • The candidate was advised that the council’s intention is to prohibit the placement of election signage on trees located within council controlled areas such as parks, reserves and road reserves rather than on trees within private properties where the owner has given permission.

4. A candidate asked if councillors received an annual clothing allowance of $600.

  • The candidate was advised:
    • Councillors are no longer provided an annual clothing allowance.
    • However, council has a non-compulsory corporate uniform scheme which councillors may participate in under the same conditions as general employees (please Section 9.3 of council's "Councillor Expenses Reimbursement and Administrative Support Policy".
    • Under this scheme, where an employee meets eligibility, council will subsidise 50% of the uniform payment.
    • Corporate uniforms are supplied by Totally Workwear, Booval.

5. A candidate asked about the availability of council’s three-year capital works program on the “Works and Projects” page on council’s website.

  • The candidate was advised:
    • The interactive map linked from the “Works and Projects” page is currently the best publically available information on council’s three-year capital works program.
    • The department further advised that the “Works and Projects” pages is under review.
    • While council is not able to provide a link to the works program, council would advise when any review of this page was complete.

6. A candidate sought advice on council’s redevelopment strategy for the council-owned “Venue” retail building on Nicholas Street, Ipswich particularly the potential cinema offering.

  • The candidate was advised:
    • Council approved the Retail Property Strategy at the Council meeting held on the 28th of October 2019, Officer Report 6
    • The KPMG report was attached to this Council report and provides a development cost of approximately $16 million to redevelop the Venue building.
    • It should be noted that this amount is required to bring the building up to a tenantable standard and whilst we are exploring a cinema offering, the cost relates to the entire building, not just the cinema level.
    • All this information is publically available.

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