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Declared Candidate Meetings

As the March 2020 local government elections approach, an increasing number of community members who have declared an intention to run for council are seeking to meet with Interim Administrator Greg Chemello. The Interim Administrator’s role in these discussions is to explain the legal and operational arrangements for elected representatives in Queensland and the minutes of these meetings will be published on this page.

The advice provided will focus on:

  • The role of a councillor under the Local Government Act
  • The need for transparent and effective processes
  • Decision-making in the city’s public interest
  • Good governance of and by local government
  • An overview of the proposed divisions
  • Ethical and legal behaviour
  • The support council will provide to incoming elected representatives to set them up for success (including training and induction, a comprehensive ‘tool kit’, etc)
  • Where to go for information on the local government campaign process.

Candidates will generally be provided with information already on public record and, where possible, directed to council’s website for publicly available committee reports and other documents.

Meeting Minutes

To help ensure transparency and consistency between candidates, the minutes of these meetings will be made available on this page within five business days of the respective candidate meeting with the Interim Administrator.

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