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Interim Management Committee Strategy and Plan

The Interim Management Committee (IMC) works in conjunction with Ipswich City Council Interim Administrator Greg Chemello to rebuild and maintain a healthy Council culture, instill sound financial management practices, progress key projects and manage considerable policy, procedural and operational change.

Interim Management Committee Charter

The Interim Management Committee Charter provides a comprehensive overview of the roles and responsibilities of the Ipswich City Council IMC:

View and/or download Interim Management Committee Charter

Priority Projects and Plans

Between now and the 2020 elections, the Interim Administrator and the IMC will be focused on implementing the following three-phase plan in support of their VISION2020 program, with time allocated to the monitoring and refining of all new policies, procedures and systems prior to the March 2020 local government elections and the return of councillors to Ipswich City Council. The IMC will focus on three priority areas during each phase: governance, risk and compliance; performance; strategic.

Horizon 1: Immediate issues

In the first phase of VISION2020, the IMC is committed to addressing the most pressing issues facing Ipswich City Council.

Horizon 2: Operational realignment

The second phase is intended to identify opportunities to amend or remove existing procedures and frameworks in order to realign the operations of the organisation towards achieving its long-term strategic goals. The operational realignment of Ipswich City Council will ensure the business continues to provide quality services to the residents of Ipswich during interim administration and beyond.

Horizon 3: Leading practices and implementation

With the goal of establishing Ipswich City Council as a leader in local government, the third phase is all about leading practice and becoming a shining light for other councils.

Reporting of Key Highlights and Achievements

Regular monthly updates from Interim Administrator Greg Chemello, as well as other reporting on the progress of the Interim Administrator and the IMC, will be disseminated via Ipswich First, local newspapers and other channels - further details on specific channels will be published on this page as they become available.

VISION2020: Monthly Message from the Interim Administrator

Interim Administrator Greg Chemello releases an update each month on the progress of Council's VISION2020 plan to address urgent and important issues and implement positive, ethical change before the next local government elections in March 2020:

Interim Management Committee Meetings

The IMC generally holds meetings on a fortnightly basis - to view meeting details and minutes visit the Committees and Meetings webpage.

Divisional Boundary Review Report

In March 2020, Ipswich City Council encouraged residents to help shape their future council by sharing their views on the most appropriate divisional boundary model for the city via a survey. This is the report prepared by the Interim Administrator and presented to the Minister for Local Government on 30 April 2019 for his consideration, featuring a summary of the city’s collective preferences.

Divisional Boundary Review Results Report (PDF, 3.4 MB)

Interim Administrator and IMC Updates

If you would like to receive occasional electronic updates and information from and/or about Council's Interim Administrator and IMC please subscribe via the button below:

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