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Wetlands and Waterways School Resources

Waterway Health Activity Sheets

The Waterway Health Activity Sheets have been developed to assist school groups and teachers to gain a greater understanding and appreciation of waterway health and catchment management issues through a series of informative and interactive activities.   The activities are aimed at student groups from grades four to seven, focusing on topics such as:

  • understanding your catchment and how it functions
  • the water cycle
  • chemical analysis and physical assessment of water quality and the riparian zone
  • human activities and land use practices that impact on our waterways
  • forming a catchment care group to improve water quality and increase community awareness

The Activity Sheets have been designed to use as 'one-off' activities or in a sequence throughout the year to complement the school curriculum for environmental studies.  Some of the activities are interactive and will require students to venture outdoors, while others can be done within the classroom.

Many of the activities require students to use reference material and explore other avenues for obtaining information.  The students are encouraged to take an initiative in investigating the impacts of different land uses on waterway health and to research ways in which these land uses can be improved.  The activities will help students develop their understanding of the environment and the natural surroundings.

Within each activity there are words and terminologies that you will come across that may not be familiar, or have a specific meaning within the context of waterway health. These Key Words have been underlined in each activity sheet; you will find their meanings and other relevant terms in the 'Waterway Definitions' Activity Sheet.

For more information on how to use the Waterway Health Activity Sheets, an introduction guide for teachers is provided below.

*Would you like the Waterway Health Activity Book mailed to your school classroom? Please contact for more information on hardcopy resources useful for your classroom.

 Introduction For Teachers (PDF, 180 kb)

 Activity Sheet 1 - Understanding Catchments (PDF, 1.7 mb)

 Activity Sheet 2 - Monitoring Water Quality (PDF, 242 kb)

 Activity Sheet 3 - Vegetation And Habitat Health (PDF, 1.7 mb)

 Activity Sheet 3a - Vegetation And Habitat Health Vegetation (PDF, 653 kb)

 Activity Sheet 3b - Vegetation And Habitat Health Erosion (PDF, 75 kb)

 Activity Sheet 3c - Vegetation And Habitat Health Macro-invertebrates (PDF, 754 kb)

 Activity Sheet 3d Vegetation And Habitat Health Results (PDF, 311 kb)

 Activity Sheet 5 - Caring For Your Catchment (PDF, 419 kb)

 Activity Sheet 6 - Weeds (PDF, 358 kb)

 Activity Sheet 7 - A Catchment Story (PDF, 1.8 mb)

 Activity Sheet 8 - Creating Your Own Frog Habitat (PDF, 1.6 mb)

 Activity Sheet 9 - Understanding The Water Cycle (PDF, 841 kb)

 Activity Sheet 10 - Waterway Crossword (PDF, 153 kb)

 Activity Sheet 11 - Waterway Definitions (PDF, 89 kb)