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Native Plants

When you plant a native tree, shrub, herb or grass in your garden, you are investing in the future biodiversity of your local area.  Native plants, endemic to Ipswich, are;

  • likely to thrive
  • require less maintenance
  • use less water
  • provide habitat for native wildlife. 

Many native plants produce an abundance of flowers, adding colour and fragrance to your garden.  They also add to the character and feel of the area. 

There is an extensive amount of information available on native plants of the Ipswich region.  Planting guidelines provide a list of native species suitable for planting in your area.  Some of these species may require a bit of searching to locate, but most will be readily available through native plant nurseries in South East Queensland.

Ipswich Native Plant Guides include: 

For more information please contact Ipswich City Council on (07) 3810 6666.