Learn about your City's rich history. Students can discover the history of Ipswich using the resources of the Ipswich Heritage Program and Picture Ipswich.

Our City - Our History

Our City - Our History is a collection of history, geography, civics and citzenship activity sheets and teaching ideas suitable for classroom and home-based learning from Foundation Year to High School.

Additional Activity Sheets will be added to the site in the near future.

Foundation Year

History Curriculum focus for Foundation Year is "My Personal World". In Foundation Year, students are introduced to the idea of family history.

Topics covered: 1) My Family, 2) Family Tree, 3) Letter to a Grandparent/Genealogist Guest Speaker, 4) Where I Live.

Year 1

History Curriculum focus for Year 1 is "How my world is different from the past and can change in the future". In Year 1, students build on their knowledge of family history and the importance of places.

Topics covered: 1) The people in my family, 2) This is my family, 3) Where is my Family from? 4) Discovering the Bremer River.

Year 2

History Curriculum focus for Year 2, is "Our past and present connections to people and places". In Year 2, students explore Ipswich and learn about the history of the area.

Topics covered: 1) Historical Places, 2) Cunningham's Hill and our Convict Past, 3) Unemployed work on Cunningham's Knoll, 4) Let's talk about Roderick Street, 5) Let's talk about Nicholas Street, 6) View from the Post Office Clock Tower.

Year 3

History Curriculum focus for Year 3 is "Diverse communities and places and the contribution people make".

Topics covered: 1) Our Diverse Community; 2) South Sea Islanders in Ipswich, 3) The Ipswich Crest; 4) Our Monuments and Memorials.

Year 4

History Curriculum focus for Year 4 is "How people, places and environments interact, past and present".

Topics covered: 1) The Vanzeur's of Limestone - Tale of a Convict, 2) Early Explorers of Limestone Station (Ipswich).

Year 5

History Curriculum focus for Year 5 is "Australian communities their past, present and possible futures".

Topics covered: 1) Searching for Gold in Ipswich, 2) Comparing Shops - Then and Now, 3) Mining and Welsh Settlement at Blackstone, 4) Cemeteries - Our Living Heritage.

Heritage Education Kit

The Heritage Education Kit is a manual on the cultural heritage of Ipswich written by local historian Robyn Buchanan in association with a steering committee comprised of local teachers in 1993. The resource is available on the Picture Ipswich website under the Picture Trail called "For Schools".

Children's Heritage Trails

The Children's Heritage Trails complement the existing 'Then and Now' Heritage Trail series, which are more suited to older students and adults. Each Children's Heritage Trail includes six to seven stops, making the walks manageable for school aged children and their teachers or parents.

In the trails, young Sienna travels back in time where she meets George who is living in Ipswich in the 1890s. The children compare what their town is like and they talk about what is the same and what is different. Teachers notes are available from the Ipswich Visitor Information Centre.

1. Discovering City Centre            2. Discovering Woodend

3. Discovering the Bremer River

Colouring Ipswich

The  Colouring Ipswich pages are for children of all ages. Drawings are based on historic images from the Picture Ipswich website. Additional pages will be added over time covering various themes, including people, buildings and transport. Click on the images below to view and print each page.