Zone 3

Listed below are the Standard Conditions for this location. Please complete and submit an application form so your proposed event can be assessed.

The permit holder must produce for inspection, the permit granted by the local government, upon request of an authorised person.

Note: Facilities such as playground equipment, strength and agility stations/exercise equipment, BBQs, natural areas, shelters and picnic areas are free for public use on a shared basis and cannot be reserved.

  • The permit holder may not transfer, assign or otherwise dispose of the permit to any other person or entity unless specifically authorised or approved by Council
  • The permit holder must produce for inspection, the permit granted by the local government, upon request of an authorised person
  • The venue must not be re-hired to any other entity
  • Council reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time or withdraw the permit if Council is made aware of any concerns by the community or other means in regards to the conduct or holding of the activity
  • Fireworks or naked flame are not permitted
  • Barriers or ropes must not be erected or attached to Council infrastructure or vegetation
  • Vehicles are not permitted other than on designated roads and car park areas
  • Council property must be left clean, tidy and undamaged
  • Activities must not cause a nuisance to others
  • Participants must stay on designated tracks at all times
  • Plants, animals or cultural sites must not be disturbed
  • The lighting or maintaining of fires is prohibited
  • Camping is prohibited
  • Weapons are prohibited
  • The permit holder must advise the Rural Fire Brigade of the event and must contact them on the day of the event for advice regarding fire warnings
  • All road/track crossings and intersections within the course must be supervised during the event
  • All litter must be removed after the event
  • All horse feed must be provided by the organisers
  • All hay/feed, droppings and debris from horse floats must be cleaned up and removed off site from yards, parking areas, trail heads and marshalling points after the event
  • All signage and temporary track markers must be removed after the event
  • Nails or similar fixings must not be used on Council infrastructure or vegetation
  • Council does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to any items or property belonging to persons associated with this event
  • The permit must be displayed so it is easily visible at all times during the event
  • Ipswich City Council must be notified as soon as practicable of any loss of or damage to Council property
  • Costs associated with Emergency Services, Security or Duty Officer callouts, cleaning or repairs will be the responsibility of the Permit Holder where an act or omission on their behalf has caused that to occur
  • All tents, marquees and rides (such as jumping castles) must be stabilised with weights or sandbags. The use of pegs or stakes is not permitted at any time.
  • The native flora and fauna in this Conservation Estate are protected by law and must not be interfered with in any way, collection is strictly prohibited
  • Please note: Unexploded Ordnance from historical military exercises may be found in this Conservation Estate.  Do not touch suspicious items and report immediately to the police.

Seasonal Sporting Event Conditions

– If holding a seasonal sporting event at this location please refer to the Seasonal Sporting Event Conditions.

Download Sports & Recreation User Manual (PDF, 57.5 KB)