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File Format: * The City of Ipswich logo will be supplied in an electronic format via email after approval of application.
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  1. The logo of the City of Ipswich is the property of the Ipswich City Council (ICC) and shall only be used in accordance with these guidelines and the express written permission of the ICC.
  2. A draft copy/proof of any intended material/artwork incorporating the City of Ipswich logo must be provided to the Marketing Branch of the ICC for approval prior to publication.
  3. The City of Ipswich Logo can only be used in relation to the promotion of the nominated event/purpose and any future event/purpose requires a separate application process.
  4. The Marketing Branch of the ICC has the right to refuse the production and distribution of a design should they deem it inappropriate or non-compliant with these Terms and Conditions
  5. Any deviations from these Terms and Conditions are not acceptable unless agreed to in writing by the Marketing and Communications Team Leader, Ipswich City Council.