Ipswich City Council Arts and Cultural Strategy

Creative practice and creative thinking are not only at the heart of the arts, they are essential for business innovation, technological progress and a productive civic life. Our creatives are beacons of the kind of community we want to be. Activating and engaging the whole of our city Supporting and increasing engagement with our creative community OUR OBJECTIVE: Locally and nationally, Ipswich will have a reputation as a culturally vibrant destination. Arts and culture will be an integral part of our lives OUR OBJECTIVE: Creative practitioners will choose Ipswich as a preferred location for their work Culturally activated cities bridge age and cultural barriers to create connected communities. 3 2 Listening and providing leadership for the cultural development of our community OUR OBJECTIVE: Our cultural planning and action will be well- informed by the needs and perspectives of the community Actively listening to the community will ensure programs and actions meet the needs and expectations of stakeholders. Enhancing city leadership will ensure that the full ambition of the Strategy is realised over the next five years. 5 Building creative capacity amongst our young people OUR OBJECTIVE: Our community’s creative abilities and skills will be constantly improving Beyond enhancing our city’s cultural life, creative skills development will have social, civic and employment benefits, and strengthen opportunities for our young people. 4 Image: Immaterial Labour by Pattie Hoffie at Ipswich Art Gallery. Image: Carlene Primmer and Janet Findlay at Ipswich Library, photo by Tangible Media. 17 16