Understanding the local impacts of the State Government’s 80% vaccination requirements

COVID-19 restrictions are set to change significantly in Queensland, including Ipswich, from Friday 17 December 2021.

In November 2021, the Queensland Government – which is responsible for managing the response to the COVID-19 pandemic in our state – announced measures relating to unvaccinated people, including restricting entry into some public places.

On Tuesday 7 December 2021, Queensland’s Chief Health Officer released the Public Health and Social Measures linked to vaccination status direction under the Public Health Act 2005.

Ipswich City Council, along with other councils across Queensland, are discussing and sharing their positions in relation to the Direction to take a consistent approach wherever possible.

Implementing new vaccination requirements

For Ipswich City Council, the vaccination requirements in the Direction apply to our:

  • Civic Centre
  • North Ipswich Corporate Centre (function centre)
  • Studio 188 (function centre/indoor entertainment venue)
  • Level 1 Nicholas Street (function centre)
  • Ipswich Art Gallery
  • Ipswich Nature Centre (located in Queens Park)
  • Cultural/art/music festivals, where ticketed* entry applies (indoor and outdoor)

(*Ticketed and allocated seating means fixed seating where a person is:

  1. given a record of their assigned seat number by way of a ticket; and
  2. remains in their assigned seat to the extent possible while they are present at the venue or event).

Ipswich City Council understands that the vaccination requirements do not apply to our:

  • libraries
  • community facilities including community centres, halls etc
  • outdoor community events
  • private hire of a venue
  • sports centres, venues and swimming pools
  • customer service centres.

As a local government, Ipswich City Council is obligated to comply with the relevant legislation applicable in Queensland including directions under the Public Health Act 2005 and work health and safety legislation.

Council continues to strongly encourage the vaccination of its employees, contractors and visitors.

Ipswich City Council understands that these new vaccination requirements that are required to be implemented from 17 December 2021 are complex and represent significant change.  Council also understands the concerns of some businesses and members of the community.

Council will continue to provide updates as the circumstances evolve and offer support to the community wherever possible.

Questions regarding the requirement for mandatory vaccines, as outlined in the State Government’s COVID-19 roadmap, should be directed to Queensland Health.

You may also find useful the Questions and Answers section on the Queensland Government’s 80 per cent double dose vaccination restrictions page qld.gov.au/health/conditions/health-alerts/coronavirus-covid-19/current-status/queensland-restrictions-80-percent-vaccination

Masks and travel

Queensland has almost reached 80 per cent double-dose vaccination, which means face mask restrictions have eased. Travel restrictions are also set to ease further from 1am AEST Monday 13 December 2021.

Check the Queensland Health website for more updates, qld.gov.au/health/conditions/health-alerts/coronavirus-covid-19


We are a city of innovative, resilient people and businesses who have the know-how and the resources to get through this – together.

Ipswich City Council is launching Ipswich Together, a response and recovery campaign to address the impacts of COVID-19 on the community, business, cultural and sporting groups across our city. Ipswich Together includes a range of community and council events and initiatives over the coming months to support our community through the pandemic.

Council has already actioned a number of responses to support the community through this time:

Council Response Actions

Latest updates and announcements

Stay informed with announcements and updates from council via this webpage and Ipswich First.

Covid relief and recovery

Council has directed support funding to Ipswich businesses, community and sporting groups.

A number of support programs will be released over coming months aimed at providing quick response funds to local businesses and organisations most in need. The funds will enable recipients to access support services and relieve some operational stress.

To maximise the local benefit, recipients will be required to engage local suppliers and service providers where possible.

For more information visit the Funding and Support webpage.

Council looks to go cashless

  • Ipswich City Council is moving to protect employees by adopting cashless payments.
  • Transfer stations at Riverview and Rosewood have both been equipped to accept eftpos payments, and patrons are all being asked to use card.
  • Council’s main service centre in the 1 Nicholas Street Administration building is also asking people to use card for any transactions they might have to make.
  • And the city pound wants people to avoid using cash.

COVID-19 Updates

Council encourages residents and visitors concerned about COVID-19’s impact on Ipswich to keep abreast of news via Ipswich First.

Feeling unwell?

If you develop a fever, a cough, sore throat or shortness of breath within 14 days of overseas travel, seek medical attention.

Call 13HEALTH 

(24-hour help line)

Call your GP

  • Share accurate information and advice
  • Stay connected and support isolated people
  • Consider your actions and be kind
  • Look after your wellbeing
  • Support local business
  • Public Pools
  • Libraries
  • Picnic Areas across Natural Estates
  • Parks
  • Dog Off Leash Areas
  • Waste Services
  • Community Centres
  • Nature Centre
  • Ipswich Civic Centre (within COVID safe plan guidelines)
  • Ipswich Art Gallery
  • Firestation 101
  • Council Run Programs and Events (where possible under COVID safe plan guidelines)
  • Mobile Nursery Events
  • Queens Park Nursery
  • Visitor Information Centre