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Ipswich General Cemetery

Ipswich General Cemetery is a monumental cemetery with historical significance. Only existing reservations or in some cases a family grave can be used. Columbarium niches are not available for memorialisation of cremated remains. Ashes can be inurned in family graves.

For costs and details on cremated remains, contact Ipswich Cemeteries phone (07) 5464 3145 or email

Cemetery search

Ipswich Cemeteries staff can provide assistance with the location and details of family burials.  A fee of $25.00 for up to six names applies.


Please contact Ipswich Cemeteries on (07) 5464 3145 or email for an appointment to arrange a plaque.  Plaques take approximately 6-10 weeks (depending on size) for completion and placement.  A confirmation letter will be sent to the applicant after placement. Plaques from other suppliers can be placed, however a permit is required from Ipswich Cemeteries.

A selection of memorial plaques, granite flat bases, granite sloping desks and vases are available for viewing at the Ipswich Cemeteries, Warrill Park Lawn Cemetery, 12 Anderson Day Drive, Willowbank Qld 4306.  It is preferred that customers arrange their visit time to ensure suitable staff are available to help with their enquiry.


It has been said that a Cemetery is the story of a town written in stone. In Ipswich Cemetery some headstones record major events such as mine disasters, floods, and war, while others relate the history of families.

The first recorded burial in this cemetery took place on 20 July 1868, a four-year-old boy named John Carr.However it is known that burials occured in the cemetery as early as 1842.

Of the first nine burials, six were children and as you walk around the cemetery you will notice the high proportion of infant graves.

Statistics show that in 1862 for example, there were 117 deaths in the Ipswich area and 47 of these were children under the age of five; in 1863, there were 146 deaths, 80 of them children.

Children's graves are often marked by figures of lambs and cherubs. Many other symbols will be seen on graves: Celtic crosses, a gateway opening into heaven, clasped hands of a husband and wife or a broken column.

More information

Office hours for Ipswich Cemeteries are from 8.00 am - 4.00 pm Monday to Friday except for all public holidays.

Phone: (07) 5464 3145

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Ipswich General Cemetery
Corner Warwick Road and Cemetery Road, Ipswich
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