The Active School Travel (AST) Program encourages families to include some physical activity in their travel to and from school. It is a simple way to be more active every day in the daily routine. Students, parents/ carers and teachers can walk, ride, scoot, skateboard, catch public transport or even carpool with other families. If families live too far from school, they can always drive part of the way and walk the rest. This program is part of Ipswich City Council’s ongoing commitment to developing healthy, happy and active children in our communities.

About the AST Program

Benefits of Active Travel

Good for us. Good for our schools. Good for our environment.

  • Healthier students and families who participate in more physical activity every day
  • Increased student concentration in class
  • Safer roads around the school area, especially during drop-off and pick-up times
  • Reduced traffic congestion.
  • Increased independence for students
  • Greater opportunities for friendships in the school community
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions from cars
  • Creation of healthy habits

Join the AST Program!

Schools are encouraged to partner with council and implement the AST program - complete an expression of interest via the 'Schools' button below. Participating schools receive a council support officer, resources, incentives, and expert advice, supporting them to increase the number of students participating in active travel to and from school.