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AST Program for Parents

The Active School Travel Program encourages parents and carers to incorporate active travel in the school drop off and pick up. It can be hard to fit in time for physical activity, so active travel can be a good option as part of your family’s daily routine. Active travel is also a chance for you to teach your children about road safety, chat about their day at school and is a better option for the environment. Remember, it doesn’t have to be every day! Just a few times per week will still make a big difference.

Why Participate in Active Travel?

Watch this video to learn all about the benefits of participating in active travel to school with your family.

Getting Started

If you live close to the school, try to walk or ride the whole way there. Do the route as a practice one day to time how long it takes you and then incorporate this some days on your way to or from school. If you live further away from the school, you can find a safe place to park that is closer, then walk or ride the end of the journey to school. This still counts as active travel as it reduces the traffic congestion around school and gets you active! Can’t walk or ride? Why not try public transport or carpool with another family.


When walking, riding or scooting to school it is important that families adhere to road safety rules. Walk or ride on the footpath, if possible cross the road at pedestrian crossings or traffic lights and always look when crossing the road, being mindful of cars. It's also a good idea to walk with a buddy or in a group so that you can look out for each other.  Read more about bike safety when on the roads. Teaching students about stranger danger is also important.

Getting Involved

As a parent, you can volunteer to lead walking or riding groups to school. You can also encourage other families to participate. If your child’s school is not already part of the program, encourage them to find out more about AST for schools and let them know of the range of  AST resources available for use in the classroom.

Other Physical Activity Opportunities

Want some other ideas to help get your family active after school and on weekends? There are lots of options to get you active in Ipswich:

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