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AST Program Resources

Ipswich City Council has developed a comprehensive range of resources to support schools in the successful implementation of the Active School Travel Program.

AST Planning Resources

Resources to get you started with active travel at your school:

Classroom Activities

These are resources to use in the classroom to support active travel:

Activity - School Pedometer Challenge (DOC, 1.1 mb)
Activity - Teacher Professional Development (DOC, 1.1 mb)
Activity - Ten Tiny Things (DOC, 1.7 mb)
Activity - Weekly Incentive Day (DOC, 1.1 mb)
Activity - 10-Day Challenge (DOC, 1.1 mb)
Activity - Active Family Promotion (DOC, 1.1 mb) 
Activity - Assembly Launch (DOC, 1.1 mb)
Activity - Bike Education (DOC, 1.1 mb)
Activity - Colouring (DOC, 1.4 mb) 
Activity - Create a Park and Walk Map (DOC, 1.1 mb)
Activity - Inter-Class Competition and Trophy (DOC, 1.7 mb)
Activity - Parent Engagement (DOC, 1.1 mb) 
Activity - Postcard Message (DOC, 1.1 mb)

Newsletter Snippets and Social Media Posts

These are resources to promote active travel in the school community. Contact Council if you would like personalised newsletter and social media posts.

Newsletter Article - Progress and Update Report (DOC, 1.1 mb)
Newsletter Article - Bus Subsidy Information (DOC, 1.1 mb)
Newsletter Article - Carpooling (DOC, 1.1 mb) 
Newsletter Article - Commencement Announcement (DOC, 1.1 mb)
Newsletter Article - Physical Activity Guidelines (DOC, 1.1 mb)
Factsheet - Parents (DOC, 1.1 mb) 
Factsheet - Schools (DOC, 1.1 mb)