The Active School Travel Program encourages families to participate in active travel to and from school. Active travel is a great way to do physical activity, teach your children about road safety and meet your school community.

Why Participate in Active Travel?

Getting Started

Remember, active travel just once a week can make all the difference!

Some tips to help you start active school travel include:

  • Practice the journey to see how long it will take if you walk or ride
  • Try to participate in active travel once a week and choose a day that is easiest for the family
  • If you can’t walk or ride the whole way, find a place to safely park closer to the school where you can walk part-way
  • Find another family to car pool


Here are some tips to stay safe while participating in active school travel:

  • Always walk with a buddy
  • Cross roads at traffic lights (where ever possible)
  • Follow road safety rules
  • Wear a helmet if riding a scooter or bike
  • Be aware of stranger danger

Other Physical Activity Opportunities

Want some other ideas to help get your family active after school and on weekends? There are lots of free activities in Ipswich to get you and your family active every day.