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  1. Page 1 of 5 Version Control and Objective ID ... (PDF, 414k)

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    23 May 2022: research techniques and locating resources. 6.5 Local History Information. Ipswich Libraries supports Council’s commitment to preserving and maintaining heritage and.

    by Amber van Sloten
  2. Ipswich Australia Day Award Winners

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    22 Dec 2020: her culture and heritage.

  3. Ipswich.qld.gov.au What is a personal information digest?A personal information ... (PDF, 143k)

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    23 Dec 2021: City Design Branch. The City Design Branch undertakes forward planning activities to facilitate sensitive, integrated and progressive development, and encourages the conservation of cultural heritage sites and important natural resource areas

  4. Council needs your help to name the places and spaces in new city centre

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    22 Dec 2020: Deputy Mayor and Chair of the Ipswich Central Redevelopment Committee Marnie Doyle said that consultation represented an incredible opportunity to honour the city’s rich, diverse heritage and history, and to

  5. Customer Feedback Information

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    20 Sep 2021: Environmentally-relevant activities regulated by the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (e.g. ... poultry farming). State or local government premises or activities should be referred to the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection

  6. Draft Ipswich Planning Scheme 2019 Statement of Proposals 61 ... (PDF, 2636k)

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    23 May 2019: b) places of cultural heritage significance comprising: (i) areas of ‘timber and tin’ character houses at the intersection of Church and Alice. ... c) Robelle Domain recreation area; (d) the Brookwater golf course; and (e) areas of Indigenous

    by Garth Moore
  7. SectionStrategic Framework ThemeSubmitter Issues Response Recommendation to Council Submitter ... (PDF, 1032k)

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    12 Sep 2019: This includes. the conservation and appropriate use and adaptive reuse, in situ, of places of cultural heritage significance. ... Consideration has been given to the appropriate balance of. densification and heritage values.

    by Laura Lorang-Simon

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    3 May 2022: Tivoli resident ‘takes the reins’ on local landmark. If you drive into Ipswich via the suburb of Tivoli, you will pass an old, heritage-listed horse trough on Tivoli Hill. ... Council hopes local residents and passers-by appreciate both the heritage

  9. Page 1 of 7 IPSWICH CITY COUNCIL | Natural ... (PDF, 219k)

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    20 Sep 2021: following regulatory instruments:. • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Heritage Protection Act 1984. • ... Improvement in waterway condition. • Extent of protection of Aboriginal cultural heritage and cultural landscape features. •

    by Amber van Sloten

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    14 Jun 2017: Places and items of cultural heritage significance are identified, protected and used appropriately. ... Preservation and accessibility of digital heritage resources. • Preservation and accessibility of primary cultural heritage material.

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