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    1 Sep 2003: i) the appearance and visual significance of the area; and. (ii) the heritage significance of the area; and.

    by Information Services
  2. Media Releases

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    18 Jan 2022: Want to help conserve Ipswich’s heritage places?. ... 06 April 2021. Ipswich City Council is encouraging owners of heritage listed places to take advantage of the latest round of State Government grants which are now open for application.

  3. iFUTURE ■ CORPORATE PLAN Ipswich City Council respectfully acknowledges ... (PDF, 3257k)

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    22 Apr 2021: 7,500 heritage protected places. 8,500 ha open space. INFRASTRUCTURE. $232million capital works allocated for 2020–2021. ... Learn about and show respect for the diverse and unique culture and heritage within our city.

  4. IPSWICH CITY COUNCIL ■ ANNUAL PLAN 2021-2022 Adopted 24 ... (PDF, 6505k)

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    22 Jun 2021: CCED. Continue planning for the new Planning Scheme to conserve and enhance the city’s built heritage, as well as recognise the cultural landscape values.

  5. Castle Hill Blackstone Reserve A Walking Museum 7 Mary ... (PDF, 331k)

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    10 May 2018: Castle Hill Blackstone Reserve is an award-winning destination with culture-rich mining heritage offering an experience unlike anything else in the region.

  6. Ipswich City Council SCHOOL RECYCLING GUIDE Introducing Recycling in ... (PDF, 2099k)

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    13 Jul 2018: e. occurrence of. contamination. Tip. Ipswich City Council can also provide free assistance with signs available from Ipswich City Council or the Queensland Government Department of Environment and Heritage Protection.

  7. Page 1 of 7 Version Control and Objective ID ... (PDF, 427k)

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    23 May 2022: appreciation, conservation or interpretation of animals, agriculture, cultural or. heritage value or the natural environment, for entertainment, or a recreation facility.

    by Amber van Sloten
  8. IPSWICH CITY COUNCIL ■ CITY OPERATIONAL PLAN 2021-2022 Adopted ... (PDF, 708k)

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    22 Jun 2021: CCED. Continue planning for the new Planning Scheme to conserve and enhance the city’s built heritage, as well as recognise the cultural landscape values.

  9. IPSWICH CITY COUNCIL ■ CITY BUDGET 2021-2022 Adopted 24 ... (PDF, 1362k)

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    21 Jun 2021: e) an organisation whose purpose is to preserve, restore or maintain structures or places of cultural, environmental, historic, heritage or scientific significance to the local government area;.

  10. 2020-21 Fees And Charges Report - ICC (all content, published format) (PDF, 1214k)

    ipswich.qld.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0017/131345/Fees-and-Charges-Register-2020-21.pdf Explore

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    10 May 2021: Cloud Fees & Charges

    Cloud Fees & Charges

    by LG Solutions Keywords: Ipswich City Council

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