The City of Ipswich is situated on the floodplains of both the Bremer and Brisbane rivers, which are also influenced by the tides of Moreton Bay. Ten major creeks flow into these rivers.

Don't be a Dinesh. Have a 'what-if' plan for when a flood arises.

What is flooding?

  • Flooding is the natural occurrence of water pooling and/ or covering land that is normally dry following prolonged or intense rainfall or other forms of precipitation. It may be caused by increased river or creek levels, or the pooling of local stormwater in an area.
  • Very high tides are another cause of flooding in coastal areas, but rarely for Ipswich.
  • Flash flooding is a flood that is sudden and unexpected. Its level usually peaks within six hours of the heavy rainfall that has caused it.

Why is it important?

  • The City of Ipswich is no stranger to floods. Our first was recorded in 1824 by explorer John Oxley - with more recent floods occurring in 1974, 2011 and 2013. Ipswich Libraries digital archive Picture Ipswich houses a range of images from the city's flood events over the past 100+ years.
  • With a population expected to grow to 435,000 by 2037, it is important our residents are aware of and understand the risk of flooding to their properties specifically and within their local government area more broadly.

Check your property

To find out whether your property is located in an area prone to flooding, use the flood map information tool on Council's Planning and Development website.

Managing the impact of flooding

In addition to knowing your flood risk, minimising the impact of flooding to your property and personal safety can be managed by taking some simple precautions:

  • Do not drink, walk in, play in, or drive through flood waters or drains - if it's flooded, forget it
  • Get the insurance coverage you need
  • Understand the difference between flood forecasting and flood warnings - visit the Bureau of Meteorology website for information
  • Tune in to local radio (ABC 612 AM, River 94.9 FM) or Council's Disaster Dashboard for regular local warnings and updates
  • Consult Emergency Management Australia's What to Do Before, During & After a Flood guide.

Ipswich City Council has a Floodplain Management Strategy to manage the expected flooding risks within an area to an acceptable level.

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