Ipswich City Council is the owner of several flood detention basins in the City of Ipswich. Basins are constructed to reduce the impact of flooding downstream from their locations by storing water runoff from a rain event and releasing it at a reduced rate. This then lowers the probability of inundation of nearby properties and infrastructure.

Emergency Action Plans

  • As owner, Ipswich City Council is required to put in place a management response - known as an Emergency Action Plan (EAP) - for each flood detention basin.
  • All referable dam owners are required to submit their EAPs to the Queensland Government for approval.
  • EAPs produced by owners of other referable dams in the Ipswich local government area can be accessed from the Business Queensland website.
  • Copies of the EAPs for the following Council-owned referable dams can be downloaded below:

Limestone Park Detention Basin Timelapse Video