Water management responsibilities are shared between various organisations in South East Queensland.

Water Supply and Wastewater Services

Queensland Urban Utilities supplies reticulated water and sewerage services to Ipswich. For information on sewer main blockages, water main breaks, leaking water meters, water connections and town water please contact UU.

Catchments and Waterways

The Bremer River and the Mid-Brisbane River run through parts of Ipswich, as well as other numerous smaller streams and creeks. Council has a range of information about these waterways. Council has a number of initiatives to improve and maintain the wellbeing of the waterways in Ipswich and have provided a number of Fact Sheets so that residents are also able to contribute to making our waterways safe. Educational resources have been developed to help school groups and teachers understand waterway and catchment issues.


Council has maps showing historic flooding events. Information is also available on preparing for natural hazards and emergencies, including flooding.

Water Quality

Activities on land can impact on water and cause water pollution, or contribute to blue-green algae growth. Activities like washing vehicles, doing earthworks, or changing the oil on your car should be done in a way that ensures nothing other than clean water washes into the stormwater drains. Erosion and sediment is a significant contributor to water quality declines in waterways.

Stormwater Management

Stormwater management involves the control of the water or fluid flowing over land in rural and urban areas into stormwater drains.  Information relating to stormwater management and who is responsible for backyard overland flows is available under Local Law 8 (PDF, 235.3 KB).

Water Restrictions

At times, there may be restrictions on the use of water within Ipswich.  There are currently no restrictions: however, there are still benefits in using water wisely.  More information on water usage is available on the Queensland Government website.

Climate Change

Climate change is a long term change in weather patterns across the globe and may impact on water in Ipswich.  For further information, visit the Federal Government website: https://www.climatechangeinaustralia.gov.au/en/.

Integrated Water Management & Total Water Cycle Management Planning

Ipswich City Council is taking steps towards being a water smart city to ensure that our growing city is resilient to our highly variable climate, and continues to be a thriving place for communities.

Council has developed and adopted the Ipswich Integrated Water Strategy – A Total Water Cycle Management Framework which sets out the issues, priorities and high priority water cycle actions for the city.

If you have any comments about how we are planning for the future management of water, please contact us by email: council@ipswich.qld.gov.au.

Weather and River Information

The Bureau of Meteorology has information about weather, climate and rivers.

State Government Links

The Queensland Government has various roles in the management of water. Read more here.