In response to the continuing unprecedented growth in South East Queensland and the Queensland Government’s introduction of new planning legislation, State Planning Policy and South East Queensland Regional Plan, council has decided to prepare a new planning scheme (the Draft Ipswich Planning Scheme). This webpage provides information about the preparation of the new Ipswich Planning Scheme.

Where Are We Now

Council is now preparing a full draft of the planning scheme. The feedback from the community, other stakeholders and the State Government about the draft Strategic Framework (as detailed in the Consultation Report) will be used to guide the preparation of the planning scheme, including the detailed zoning and development code components.

Key areas of planning scheme development currently underway:

  • background and informing studies have been undertaken to ensure that the scheme remains contemporary and meets the State Interests;
  • with the adoption of the Waste and Circular Economy Transformation Directive in December 2020, policy work is occurring on how these directives are to be included as part of the new scheme;
  • alignment of the preparation of a new Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP) with the new planning scheme final adoption timeframes;
  • early engagement with the State government agencies on the draft planning scheme documents prior to the formal State interest review in line with the Communications Strategy.

What Is Next

The process for preparing the new Ipswich Planning Scheme has recently been reviewed and an amended timeframe and communications strategy has been approved by Council. Council has requested that the Chief Executive of the Department of State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning in the State Government endorse the amendments and issue an amended Chief Executive Notice.

Once endorsed by the Queensland State Government development of the scheme will occur over five broad stages:

Where We Are NowStage New Ipswich Planning Scheme
Stage Description

Preparation and early consultation on a Statement of Proposals including a draft Strategic Framework (Completed)

 Stage 1b

Preparation of the full draft planning scheme (Current)

This includes background and informing studies, preparation of draft detailed zoning, operational provisions and operational provisions.

Engagement and consultation with the department will occur throughout preparation of the planning scheme (refer to the Communications Strategy for information on this process)

  Stage 2 Submission of full draft planning scheme to State Government for review and approval before proceeding to formal public consultation
  Stage 3 Public consultation on draft planning scheme and reporting on outcomes of consultation to council and then to State Government
  Stage 4 Final consideration of the draft planning scheme following public consultation by the State Government and approval for council adoption of planning scheme
  Stage 5 Final adoption of planning scheme by council

Once approved, further information about the process that council will follow to prepare the new Ipswich Planning Scheme can be viewed on the Queensland State Government website (refer to information under the subheading 'Public notices for making/amending planning schemes’).

Council has also approved an amended Communications Strategy. In endorsing the process, the State Government was also provided an amended Communications Strategy setting out how consultation will be carried out while the draft planning scheme is being prepared - view the strategy below:

Completed Stages

Consultation on Statement of Proposals (Including Draft Strategic Framework)

Consultation on the Statement of Proposals (including the draft Strategic Framework) was undertaken from Monday 27 May to Friday 28 June 2019, with a two week ‘informal extension’ to Friday 12 July 2019 provided for submissions to be made.  A total of 510 submissions received from the community and other stakeholders.

Each of the submissions has been assessed having regard to the matters raised and any supporting information and evidence provided in the submissions as well as relevant statutory planning considerations including those set out in the Planning Act 2016 and Planning Regulation 2017, the state interests as included in the State Planning Policy and the outcomes sought by ShapingSEQ (the South East Queensland Regional Plan).

A Consultation Report was considered and adopted by Council which:

  • Summarises the issues raised in the submissions;
  • Contains responses to the issues raised in the submissions; and
  • Provides recommendations regarding how the issues are proposed to be addressed in preparing the New Ipswich Planning Scheme.

An interactive version of the Consultation Report has also been prepared to assist submitters in identifying Council’s response to the issues raised in submissions. If you made a submission you will receive advice from Council that includes a unique number(s) for your submission(s), which can be used to search the interactive Consultation Report:

Or, Select to view the Consultation Report or

Council’s consideration and response to submissions is also contained in the Committee Report

The Statement of Proposals (including Draft Strategic Framework) and other related material (as advertised and not amended) that formed part of the consultation can be viewed below.

An open letter from the Interim Administrator of Ipswich City Council was published and sent to ratepayers and residents, providing information about the new Ipswich Planning Scheme project and how to be involved in the early consultation - view the letter below:

The Statement of Proposals including the draft Strategic Framework document and maps are available to view in the Reference Documents and Maps section below and the maps are available to view via links within the various sections of the Strategic Framework document or via the interactive mapping tool:

(Note: the mapping tool enables searches and views of specific maps and searches by property address, road or street name, as well as allowing you to view the related section in the draft strategic framework document should you need further information about how the map is to be applied, or to print a PDF copy of the map.)

Statement of Proposals document (including the draft Strategic Framework) without maps.

Reference Documents and Maps

Statement of Proposals
Title Page and Table of Contents
Section 1 – About the New Ipswich Planning Scheme
Section 2 – About this Statement of Proposals
Draft Strategic Framework Document
Section 3.1 to 3.6 – Whole of City Framework
Section 3.7 – Local Area Frameworks
Section 3 – Table 3.1 State Planning Policy and Regional Plan Integration
Section 3 – Table 3.2 Ipswich City Council Strategy Delivery
Section 3 – Figure 1 Historical Timeline
Section 3 – Maps
SVFM1: Strategic Greenspace Areas and Links
Map 1: State Government Mapped Water Feature
Map 2: State Government Mapped Habitat
Map 3: State Government Mapped Vegetation
Map 4: Matters of State Environmental Significance
Map 5: Matters of Local Environmental Significance
SVFM2: Watercourses and Designated Wetlands
SVFM3: Scenic and Visual Amenity Values
SVFM4: Good Quality Agricultural Land
OV1: Biodiversity
OV2: Watercourses and Designated Wetlands
OV3A: Cultural Landscapes
OV3B: Places of Cultural Heritage Significance
OV4A: Defence Facilities – Height Restriction Zone and Obstruction Clearance Surface
OV4B: Defence Facilities – Operational Airspace, Wildlife Attraction and Lighting
OV4C: Defence Facilities – 2029 Australian Noise Exposure Forecast (ANEF) Contours
OV4D: Defence Facilities – Explosive Storage Safeguard, Public Safety Areas
OV5: Unexploded Ordinance (UXO) Areas
OV6: Mining Influence Areas
OV7: Key Resource Areas (KRAs)
OV8: Bushfire Risk Areas
OV9: Difficult Topography
OV10: Flooding and Major Urban Catchment Flow Paths
OV11: Major Transport Infrastructure
OV12: Motor Sports Buffers
OV13: Wastewater Treatment Buffers
OV14: Water Resource Catchments
OV15: High Pressure Pipelines
OV16: High Voltage Electricity Transmission Lines
OV17: Dispersive Soils
SFM1: Settlement Pattern
SFM2: Centres and Employment Land
SFM3: Waste Activity and Buffer Areas
SFM4: Housing Areas
SFM5A: Strategic Transport Network
SFM5B: Strategic Active Transport Network
SFM6: Strategic Green Infrastructure
LFM: Preferred
LFM: Alternate Options 1
LFM: Alternate Options 2
LGIP: Transport
LGIP: Public Parks
LGIP: Land for Community Facilities
Section 4 – Where to from here?

More Information

For any enquiries regarding the New Ipswich Planning Scheme project contact council via phone on (07) 3810 7990, email or visit the Ground Floor, 1 Nicholas Street, Ipswich, during office hours.