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Community GroupIpswich is recognised as a city of great strengths drawn from the diversity and involvement of the people in our community. 

Ipswich residents are drawn from 115 countries of origin, and over 80 different languages are spoken. Strong cultural influences throughout the City can be attributed to Indigenous Australian occupation of the Ipswich region (reportedly 40,000 years ago), European settlement in the 1800s, particularly Welsh, German and Dutch cultures, and more recently, immigration from Asia, the Pacific and Africa.

Throughout its history, the people of Ipswich have been proud supporters of community and voluntary organisations, from the provision of essential emergency services to the care of frail and vulnerable residents. People working together to solve common problems in Ipswich is a valued asset.

By valuing and celebrating the strengths of our diverse community, the people of Ipswich have developed partnerships and relationships which form an effective network of community services and infrastructure.

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